If you are seeking opportunities to photograph iconic Marine Life, Wilderness scenery & Wildlife subjects, from the Equator to the Polar regions, then we can certainly take you there. Some of our experiences are accompanied by professional photographers, whilst others are journeys into which greater opportunities for photography can be tailored in.

In Sri Lanka and Tanzania, most of our safaris are privately guided with your own vehicle, so that you can take as long as you like focusing on your subjects of choice. Our Elephant Conservation & Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka rely on photography to help our research and conservation partners identify individual elephants in the wilderness locations we survey.

Photo IDs are also something we seek on our Whale Shark and Manta Ray Research & Photography experiences to Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, the Galapagos and Indonesia. These trips are all hosted by marine researchers and scientists, filmers and photographers. Whether this is the first time that you have taken valuable camera gear into the water, or you are highly experienced seeking iconic images of Ocean Giants, our expeditions can provide valuable assistance from the moment you book, to understanding the habits of marine life to help you frame a story and edit your underwater images.

From Polar Bears and Penguins, to Mountain Gorillas and Lemurs, we would could consider most of our experiences to be of high interest to a photographer; so rather than pick out specific journeys, we recommend that you take a look at our Destinations, Environments, Wildlife and Marine Life pages.



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