Aqua-Firma's polar team have guided and explored both coasts of Greenland by ship and on foot and know the country well. It is the World's largest island, magnificent, dramatic and unspoilt by modern human trappings, with the Greenland ice sheet covering around 85% of the entire land surface.

Home to the largest National Park in the World, the wild and scenic East coast hosts steep coastal fjords, sweeping glaciers and colossal icebergs. Dispersed and open to hunting,  its wildlife cannot match that of Spitsbergen, however the musk oxen is an animal you might encounter dotted on the hillsides, as well as Greenland reindeer and Arctic hare. 

Polar bears can sometimes be spotted too, on the coast or at sea, particularly onboard voyages which link Greenland and Spitsbergen.  Seals and whales are a common sight when crossing the Denmark Strait from Iceland; and during the midsummer months when the sun never sets, thousands of migratory birds can be witnessed, including kittiwake colonies, long tailed skuas, turnstones, grey phalaropes, guillemots, ducks, geese, wildfowl.

West Greenland is more undulating in topography and punctuated by small coastal communities. A highlight is the spectacular Jakobshavn Glacier, the World's fastest moving tide-water glacier, which dissects the coast, producing enormous icebergs which float off to surround the tranquil waters of Disko Bay.

As Aqua-Firma marine scientist and polar guide, Charlotte Caffrey, describes: "Greenland's icebergs often litter the horizon, whose size and magnificence rival what you might see at the Antarctic Peninsula".

Greenland offers an insight into indigenous communities and voyages often visit  traditional Inuit towns and villages. One example sits at the head of the World's deepest and most spectacular fjord, Scoresby Sund, where the remote community here balances traditional lifestyles in an ever-changing World. 

By September, East Greenland voyages offer nightly opportunities to witness the spectacular Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) in an environment free from light pollution or distraction.

Small Ship Voyages

We explore this remote wilderness by your choice of comfortable small ice strengthened expedition  vessel, luxury small cruise ship or classic tall ship. Vessels which carry small between 12 -189 guests, allowing small groups to explore in a stimulating and intimate atmosphere of like minded people.

Voyages are enriched by interaction through lectures and discussions with expert naturalists, historians and sailors onboard. Every opportunity is made to take zodiac landings to explore on foot the shores, glaciers, icebergs and fjords of this frozen expanse, observe wildlife and visit historic sites.

Each voyage has a different focus, so please Contact Us to discuss the many options and activities. These can that include extended hiking, historical and cultural sites, coastal cruising aboard rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), Polar Kayaking and those with the inclination and relevant experience, Polar Diving.

Some of our Greenland Voyages may require a stop in Iceland - a country with its own varied and spectacular volcanic scenery. If you can manage even just one full day in Iceland, we can take you to experience some of the country's glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and shooting geysers. This can all be seen with only a moderate level of activity; but equally, this can involve a high level of adventure.

For details please click HERE to view our Iceland homepage.

Our promise and your protection

Polar voyages are a major commitment for most travellers. We offer a personal and professional service with a promise that for any experience which is directly comparable, our prices are never beaten. Detailed information is provided throughout your booking and preparation process and with our first hand experience we are always available to answer any questions, no matter how small, giving 24 hour support before you depart and whilst away.

Although our voyages can be enjoyed as stand alone experiences, we are a fully ATOL bonded travel company and happy to provide flights and accommodation before and after your voyage.

Contact our Polar Team to discuss voyage options

Greenland Small Ship Polar Voyages

Sailing in Greenland

Polar Activities

The Northern Lights
(Aurora borealis)

  • Northern Lights in East Greenland, John Dickinson
  • Rib gliding past icerbeg in Greenland, Charlotte Caffrey
  • Musk Oxen Greenland, Charlotte Caffrey
  • Husky in Greenland, Charlotte Caffrey
  • Ittoqqortoormiit Greenland, Katja Riedel
  • Minke Whale, Rinie van Meurs
  • Kayker in Greenland, Sandra Petrowitz



  • Arctic Fox in Greenland
  • Greenland Scenery
  • Diver in Greenland, Scoresby Sund Alexander Kassler
  • Røde Fjord, East Greenland Scoresby Sund
  • Icebergs in Greenland, Charlotte Caffrey
  • Arctic Hare, Greenland, Rinie van Meurs
  • Polar Ship in Greenland
  • Northern Lights in Greenland, Tobias Brehm
  • Scoresby Sund, East Greenland, Charlotte Caffrey
  • Sailing Boat in Greenland
  • Zodiac Cruising in Ittoqqortoomiit, Greenland, Katja Riedelr-katja-riedel.jpeg
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