Aqua-Firma has extensive knowledge and experience working in Argentina. Members of our team have worked as professional guides in the country and contributed to renowned guidebooks, including in Footprint's South American Handbook. Aqua-Firma staff have also assisted conservation projects in the Patagonian Lake District and often lead mini trips to parts of the country with our guests heading to Antarctica.

Whether you are looking for a stand alone holiday or an add-on to an Antarctic departure, you can be confident that you will dealing with a team member who knows Argentina first hand. Our specialist knowledge spans wildlife and marine life, conservation, Andean trekking, scuba diving, family friendly travel, kayaking and more and we will be happy to plan a tailored itinerary based on your interests, time constraints and budget.

Spanning almost half the length of South America, Argentina encompasses an incredible range of natural environments and experiences.

In the far North the thundering waterfalls and steamy sub-tropical forests of Iguazu are home to a wealth of species and spectacular breath-taking scenery. Condors soar above the highest mountain peaks in the Western Hemisphere, within sight of elegant colonial cities and acclaimed wine lands of Mendoza. Seemingly endless flat expanses of the pampas are home to the legendary figure of the 'gaucho' (the Argentine cowboy) and the strange ostrich-like rhea.

Patagonia also offers some of the World's best trekking amid the peaks of the magnificent peaks of Mount Fitzroy as well as wonderful whale watching opportunities at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Peninsula Valdes. This is a breeding ground for large numbers of Southern Right Whales and a hunting ground for Orca, drawn to the peninsula by young elephant seals and southern sealions. Watching orcas hunt close to the shore must truly be one of Nature's most brutal yet awe-inspiring spectacles, the image of which has made an indelible mark on many of us who have watched this on the BBC series Blue Planet and Ocean Giants.

Argentina is a vast and diverse country, so the main problem can often be deciding which regions to explore! To help you we've created an online Argentina Travel Guide. Just click on the different regional sections for inspiration and information! Whichever region of Argentina you visit with Aqua-Firma, you can be sure of a rich tapestry of wilderness, wildlife and cultural experiences designed around your interests and needs.

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Argentina - A Regional Travel Guide

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