Norway is one of only few countries within Europe that still retains a significant area of natural wilderness.  It is undoubtedly the beautiful ever-changing landscapes and fascinating geology that make Norway such a magical destination to experience.  Our areas of exploration within Norway include the dramatic coastlines of the North Cape, the picturesque archipelago of the Lofoten Islands and, beyond the Arctic Circle - the beautiful alpine setting of the Lyngen Alps.

The wildlife rich Spitstbergen archipelago is a polar destination in its own right and as such is home to its own comprehensive destination and experience webpages (see tab).

Northern Lights, Whales and Wilderness

Aqua-Firma offer both land and boat based trips within Norway, giving you the option to experience the scenic beauty of Norway from a variety of perspectives. For our full range of options on how to experience the Northern Lights, which aside from Norway, also extend to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland, please Click Here.

Our voyages onboard a beautiful 103 year old sailing vessel provide opportunities for breath-taking Northern light encounters in areas unadulterated by light pollution. These departures are also wonderful for whalewatching with an abundance of Orcas and humpbacks feeding off the bountiful herring of Norway's nutrient rich waters.

Active Adventures

On land, we offer active adventures throughout the year, which in the Winter include Dog Sledding, Cross Country Skiing, Snowmobiling or glacier hiking. One of our bases is the Lyngen Alps, a beautiful wilderness area characterised by fjords, glaciers, rivers, 1,000 metre high mountains and Norway's highest waterfall.  There are also deciduous forests and expansive meadows, which during the summer months you can enjoy a combination of activities, tailored to suit individual interests, balancing both adventure and relaxation: kayaking, sailing and rowing, glacier climbing, fishing and horseriding, all based in an idyllic luxury lakeside mountain lodge. 

Private Yacht Charters

Our private yacht charters take you sailing above the Arctic Circle to explore some of Scandinavia's most dramatic coastal landscapes.  With the flexibility of no fixed itinerary, one will adopt a true exploratory feel, exploring Norway's narrow fjords, amidst towering mountains and glaciers.  By day, activity options include visiting local fishing villages, fishing for your supper and taking to the Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) to reach otherwise inaccessible inlets. Meanwhile, by night the captain anchors in remote bays and quaint quayside locations.

Exploring Lofoten

The Lofoten Islands form a sweeping arc protruding out from the mainland of north western Norway.  The sea here is deep, clear and warmed by the Gulf Stream. The Lofoten Islands emerge high and steep out from the sea, providing some of the most dramatic coastal scenery to be found anywhere.  The Norwegian mainland close to these islands can be as dramatic as the islands themselves. The whole coast from just south of the Lofotens right up to Europe's northernmost point at Nordkapp, have been identified by the WWF as some of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world and among the most biologically diverse in the Arctic.  One of the best ways of exploring the stunning scenery of this area is with our Arctic Sailing Expedition aboard a classic two-masted schooner. The tranquillity of sailing within spectacular scenic fjords and observing wildlife without intrusion enhances your contact with this Arctic coastline. Those keen to participate in the sailing of the vessel are welcome to assist and be part of an international team of polar travellers in the tradition of the 19th Century explorers.


  • Dog Sledding Norway Lyngen Alps
  • Orca, North Norway Sailing Voyage
  • Glacier Lyngen Alps, Norway
  • Horse Riding, Lyngen Alps Northern Norway
  • Reindeer Northern Norway, Lyngen Alps
  • Lyngen Alps Norway Northern Lights, Graham Austick
  • Lyngen Alps,Norway

The Northern Lights
(Aurora borealis)

  • Houses, North Norway
  • Sailing Boat, Jan Belgers
  • Orca Northern Norway
  • Reisa River Lyngen Alps
  • Miollisfossen Waterfall, Lyngen Alps
  • Glacier Hiking, Lyngen Alps
  • Lyngen Alps Luxury Lakeside Accommodation
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