Some birdwatching is an integral part of experiencing the wildlife of many a location.  Take the penguins of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands as a case in point.

The experiences below are those for which we can make birding a more dedicated focus, led by expert local birdwatching guides.

For advice, you can also Contact Us to discuss your birdwatching interests.

  • Toucan - Birdwatching in Costa Rica
  • Albatros & Chick Falkland Islands
  • Blue Footed Booby benaeath Wolf Volcano (c) Ralph Pannell
  • Darwin's Finch & the Story of Evolution (c) Dr Simon Pierce
  • trogon-ecuador-bellavista-cloud-forest-lodge-birdwatching-photography-ralph-pannell-aqua-firma-mindo-choco-2000-web.jpg
  • Puffin in the Russian Far East
  • hummingbird-costa-rica-wildlife-birdwatching-photography-tailor-made-travel-holiday-vacation-hiking-adventure.jpg
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