Rafting Expeditions

Flat water and white water rafting can be exhilarating experiences amongst untamed nature.  An inflatable raft can also be an ideal way to explore rivers that other modes of transport simply cannot reach, with space to carry tents, food and everything else you need to explore deep into the wilderness.

In the Amazon River Basin of Ecuador and Peru, we operate expert led privately guided multi - day rafting expeditions. These can take you through some spectacular river scenery; and in Peru in particular, into wilderness which remains virtually untouched by the outside world. Tapir might swim across your path; a jaguar might appear on a river bank; howler monkeys are sure to fill the morning and sunset air with their calls.

At start and end points of a journey, we will make use of a rainforest lodge if available. Where we travel beyond, accommodation will be wilderness riverside camping; yet with a bottle of wine to enjoy at dinner by candlelight should you wish.

One to four day rafting adventures are our options in the Caribbean and Pacific Tropics of Costa Rica; in the Andes of Ecuador and Peru; at Iguazu on the borders of Argentina and Brazil; the highlands of the Dominican Republic; and in the northern wilds of Iceland.

Contact us to speak to one of our keen rafters.

  • White Water Rafting from Andes to Amazon rainforest in Ecuador
  • Rafting the Pacuare River, Costa Rica
  • Giant River Otter Manu in the Amazon of Peru wildlife and adventure travel photo by travel writer Steve Frankham
  • Rafting in Peru Tambopata River Gorge Amazon
  • Rafting the Rio Tambopata Amazon rainforest wilderness adventure travel
  • Blue and Gold Macaws riverside in Rio Tambopata Amazon Peru
  • Rafting the Amazon wilderness in Peru on the Rio Tambopata
  • White-Water-rafting-paddling-Apurimac-River-Rio-Amazonas-tributary-adventure-travel-journey-holiday-multisport.jpg
  • Amazon River Rafting Wilderness Adventure travel in Peru
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