Family Adventures

Families can be a diverse mix of ages, physical abilities and desires, which can present a significant challenge in trying to plan a special experience. At Aqua-Firma, we provide individual attention towards tailoring your journey and experiences to embrace these challenges. We have operated trips with families whose junior members have been as young as a few weeks old to budding adults who have long overtaken their parents in physical scale.  Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a bonding experience you might only have ever dreamt of.

Two of our most important assets is the depth of knowledge we have of the locations we operate, and our expertise at a wide range of activities.  Our team has many years of experience working in marine and terrestrial conservation, research and exploration, and a professional skills base which includes scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and photography.

Whilst we can create a journey which provides an intense combination of experience and activity, we also understand the need to incorporate some rest and relaxation. That can mean sitting together at the bow of a yacht whilst dolphins ride the bow wave beneath you. It can also mean unwinding poolside, or enjoying the virgin sands of a remote Indian Ocean island.

Opportunities for once in a lifetime encounters with wildlife is undoubtedly our forte.  This might include spotting an orangutan in the wild, or being absorbed in Amazon forest overcome with the sound of howler monkeys and cicadas. You might also find yourself snorkelling with whale sharks, dolphins or sealions; or observing a highly elusive jaguar at close range in Brazil - an experience few ever manage to fulfil and one you will never forget with whom you experienced it.

Amongst a diverse range of destinations, family experiences might incorporate a safari over the vast Serengeti plains; or snorkel together beside a coral reef as a school of blue spotted rays glide past; or sit and marvel at glaciers descending slowly into the Arctic Ocean from the high mountains of Greenland.

Some of the water-based experiences we offer include scuba diving, kayaking, rafting and surfing; experiences which can be run for a single family member, or as a family group.  For budding naturalists considering a career in the field, we can provide first-hand experience such as the opportunity to join a turtle and monkey research and conservation project in Costa Rica.  For the more adventurous family member, we can strap you into a flying fox and zip you 400 metres above the rainforest canopy; or take you trekking along Peru's Inca Trail.

However diverse your family's needs and interests, Aqua-Firma will be keen to help you.  We don't take lightly our responsibility to help you achieve a safe family adventure of a lifetime.

  • Snorkelling in Komodo, Indonesia
  • Snorkelling over the Coral Reefs of Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Arran-Pannell-Rainforest-jungle-walkway-Borneo-Sabah-Malaysia-birdwatching-educational-family-travel-tourism-palm-oil-travel-holiday.jpg
  • Chocolate Elephants- Minneriya National Park private safari Sri Lanka
  • Borneo-Kalimantan-Indonesia-colouring-in-coral-reef-drawing-educational-travel-family-holiday-Oliver-Pannell-Aqua-Firma-maratua-atoll.jpg
  • Misali-Island-Pemba-Tanzania-Zanzibar-white-sand-beach-family-holiday-travel-vacation-tour.jpg
  • Zanzibar-mangrove-forest-learning-Tanzania-family-educational-travel-holiday-safari-Oliver-Arran-Pannell-Aqua-Firma.jpg
  • Jungle-guide-Sri-Lanka-Sinharaja-rainforest-national-park-dhammi-birdwatching-educational-holiday-family-travel-Arran-Oliver-Pannell.jpg
  • Sinharaja-Rainfirest-National-Park-Sri-Lanka-Jeep-family-holiday-educational-travel-wildlife-birdwatching-tour-vacation-Arran-Oliver-Pannell.jpg
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