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Antarctica, one of the World’s last frontiers, is a perfect example of where Water, Wilderness and Wildlife combine with breath-taking perfection. It inspires it visitors with its majestic beauty and dramatic ice scenery. The towering white mountains, sweeping glaciers and icebergs form an unrivalled backdrop for the unique and abundant sea birds and marine mammals which reside here.  Seabirds are abundant and include the albatross as well as gentoo, chinstrap and adelie penguin which come to breed on the continents exposed rocky shores. Our natural history voyages provide a true insight into this wilderness. They enhance knowledge through expert guiding and deliver intense personal encounters with the wildlife in their habitat.

Aqua-Firma Antarctic Expertise
The Aqua-Firma team have been exploring Antarctica for many years; guiding as marine scientists, driving zodiacs, delivering inspiring onboard lectures and inspiring guests of the magnificent but fragile beauty of Antarctica. It is this in-depth, on location knowledge and expertise which can assist with your choice of voyage to best match your timing, interests and budget.

When to visit
Our small ship Antarctic voyages are available Oct-March. In late October, there are huge volumes of ice and snow, a scenically pristine environment. Penguin courtship displays signify the height of the breeding season. It is an adventurous, memorable and cost-effective time to visit, though access to deeper sites within Antarctica may be blocked still be ice.
By December and January noisy penguin chicks and seal pups dominate and by March, as the season progresses, we continue to witness an increased abundance of whales.
Small ship voyages
Carrying between 12 and 200 passengers,  strong comfortable ships foster an  intimate atmosphere for like minded people who share a true passion for remote, wild and wonderful corners of our planet. Ships vary appreciably in level of comfort from an expedition ship to a more luxurious small ship cruise offering spacious en suite cabins and excellent cuisine. All our voyages are designed for close encounters and deeper insights into the Antarctica environment maximising time spent off the ship with inspired daily landings, informed presentations and exploration in the company of experts.
A full complement of Zodiac craft (rigid inflatable boats) facilitate small group expert-led landings and close encounters with wildlife. Onboard  lecture programmes span subjects such as: wildlife, birdlife and marine life as well as human history, geology, and polar conservation.

Polar expertise and optional adventures
Your guides are the key to inspire and enrich your knowledge of the unique polar environment. Aqua-Firma marine scientists, guides, polar divers and kayakers have many years of in depth on location experience. Specialist knowledge on certain trips enable us to offer adventure options such as kayaking, camping, mountaineering, paddle boarding  and polar photography workshops onboard.

Diving in Antarctica

Aqua-Firma has the expertise to explore beneath the continent's icebergs and glaciers, a little known world of sculpted blue ice formations, illuminated by the sun's rays. Antarctica is probably the ultimate wilderness polar diving location, one which few have had the privilege to experience. The area has a rich marine invertebrate population and provides the opportunity to encounter polar wildlife including penguins, fur and leopard seals as well as a whole host of Antarctic fish.
Our promise and your protection
Polar voyages are a major commitment for most travellers. We offer a personal and professional service with a promise that for any experience which is directly comparable, our prices are never beaten.   Detailed information is provided throughout your booking and preparation process and with our first hand experience we are always available to answer any questions, no matter how small, giving 24 hour support before you depart and whilst away.
Although our voyages can be enjoyed as stand alone experiences, we are a fully ATOL bonded travel company and happy to provide flights and accommodation before and after your voyage. Aqua-Firma have the expertise to extend your travel plans and are a specialist at tailor made travel within Argentina and other parts of Latin America.


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