Aqua-Firma operates tailor-made and small group safaris to some of the most important wilderness and wildlife locations in Uganda and Rwanda. A highlight of these is undoubtedly the chance the chance to experience at close quarters, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Uganda lies at the very heart of Africa and provides the headwaters of the continent's two greatest rivers: the White Nile and the Congo. Some of its most important habitat lies at the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo - a triangle where just 786 Mountain Gorillas survive, of which approximately 400 live within Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi (source: WWF).

The scenery in this part of the world is spectacular, with volcanic mountains driving upwards out lush Afro-montane forest. In addition to gorillas, there are 350 species of bird here including the Bartailed Trogon and Blue headed Sunbird; and other primates include the Black & White Colobus Monkeys and Chimpanzees screaming unseen in the valleys below.

Chimpanzees are a more accessible feature of the 776 km2 Kibale National Park forest - a forest which is incredibly abundant for primates, often with mixed troops of up to five different species. The Kyambura River Gorge is another prime focus of ours for chimpanzee tracking. Lush riverine forest meanders with the river through the Queen Elizabeth National Park, creating a diverse botanical corridor within which chimpanzees can thrive.

Above the Gorge, wildlife across the Queen Elizabeth National Park savannas is steadily increasing, providing opportunities at Ishasha for us to take you on game drives to see tree-climbing lions; and on boat safaris at the Kazinga Channel where we find one of Africa's highest concentrations of hippo, large herd of elephants and buffalo.

Above all and often within sight many miles away, stand the huge snow-capped Ruwenzori Mountains, better known as the 'Mountains of the Moon'. These provide us with long-distance trekking opportunities akin to trekking up Mount Kililmanjaro. Glaciers, craggy mountains and some incredibly diverse and unique flora provide the highlight of challenging treks here.

In a nutshell, Uganda hosts an almost-unparalleled range of African habitats; from tropical Afro-montane forests and dry, lowland savannah littered with bubbling and spurting hot springs; to wide expanses of wetlands, criss-crossed by dense reed beds and teeming with birds.

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