Ocean Giant Expeditions

We operate journeys to some of the most pristine parts of our Blue Planet;  but these Ocean Giant experiences take you a step closer.

We began these experiences in 2006, with Whale Shark Research and Conservation holidays to the Seychelles. These were led by one of the world's leading Whale Shark Scientists and Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey.

Our Whale Shark Research & Photography trips continue today, following more assured seasonal aggregations of sharks in the Galapagos,  Mexico,  Tanzania and Madagascar. Guests benefit from being in the right places at the right time, enlightened by hosts which include whale shark scientists and highly experienced underwater marine megafauna filmers and photographers. In addition to ensuring responsibly managed encounters, your participation also helps to provide funding for cutting edge whale shark research and conservation. 

From whale sharks, our Ocean Giant experiences extended to Manta Ray Research and Photography in Mozambique, Mexico and Komodo; as well as Humpback Whales in the Caribbean and Antarctica; Blue Whales in Sri Lanka; Polar Bears, Walruses & feeding whales in the Arctic; and Orcas in Norway. Photographic opportunities can be unparalleled, with expert advice on hand to help you prepare, understand your subjects and get the best from the equipment you have.

Snorkel with Blue Whale Sri Lanka Ralph Pannell

The 'bycatch' of these experiences can be just as wonderful as our primary targets. These have included intimate encounters with Sperm Whales, Golden Cownose Rays and Dolphins so plentiful there have been too many to count. Firmly beneath the waves, we find coral reefs and colourful fish life in Komodo and Tanzania that will simply take your breath away. Terrestrial delights include Komodo Dragons, Lemurs and the most brightly coloured Chameleons on Earth. 

We invite you to browse our Ocean Giant experiences below and get in touch to speak to one of our Ocean Giant experts.

Snorkel with Humpback Whale Silver Bank Dominican Republic Aqua-Firma

  • Whale Sharks become a mobile environment for fish, here in Mafia Island in Tanzania - photo: Dr Simon Pierce
  • Coral Reef 'bycatch' off Mafia Island in Tanzania - photo: Dr Simon Pierce
  • Giant Manta Ray (Mobula birostris) in Madagascar - photo: Dr Clare Prebble
  • Seeking Marine Life amongst Icebergs & Mountains in Antarctica
  • Framing a Whale Shark spot pattern ID photo by Dr Simon Pierce
  • Humpback Whale in Antarctic Waters
  • Hammerhead Shark in the Galapagos Islands
  • Whale Tail in Antarctica
  • Humpback Mother & Calf - photo: Bjoern Koth
  • Drone Footage of Whale Sharks herding fish to eat

Aqua-Firma Biggest Donor to Marine Megafauna Foundation Whale Shark Programme

A Freed Shark Tail Tale

Whale Sharks in Stereo for First Time

Face to Face - IDing Manta Rays in Komodo

Aqua-Firma Research Group Frees Manta from Hooks & Line

  • Whales Feeding in Polar Waters
  • Whale Shark feeding Yucatan Peninsula Dr Simon Pierce MMF Aqua-Firma
  • Ready to Snorkel with Spy Hopping Humpback Whale in the Caribbean Waters of the Silver Bank
  • Golden Cownose Rays amongst Mangroves in the Galapagos
  • Aqua-Firma's Expedition Cruises to the Arctic & Antarctica
  • White Tip Reef Sharks in Cave in the Galapagos
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