Research & Conservation in Action

Our wildlife and conservation in action journeys and experiences are designed to give you close encounters with spectacular wildlife and a behind the scenes access to some of the best conservation organisations and their projects in the field.  The emphasis is on seeing and learning from experts in the field, and supporting these projects through financial contributions we are able to make as a result of your visit.

Swimming with Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales or Manta Rays; trekking through remote rainforest to observe Indri Lemurs in a new forest reserve; getting close to a family of Asian Elephants in the wild ….. if you are looking at this website then you are probably as motivated by these experiences as we are at Aqua-Firma.

But sometimes we want more than to just see - we want to learn from leading wildlife and marine life experts in the field; and help make a positive contribution to their efforts to research and protect these species and their habitats long after we have left them.

That's what Aqua-Firma's Research & Conservation in Action experiences set out to achieve. For a full description of each, click on any of the buttons below:

  • Sexing a Whale Shark - Research in Madagascar
  • Working with Comunities in Madagascar
  • Indri-Lemur-Madagascar-AQUA-FIRMA-Ralph-Pannell-rainforest-conservation-reserve-voakajy-Rainforest-Trust.jpg
  • Land-Rover-Madagascar-Rainforest-Conservation-Research-Project-travel-holiday-wildlife-photography-voakajy-Ralph-Pannell-AQUA-FIRMA.jpg
  • dr-simon-pierce-whale-shark-researcer-drone-co-founder-marine-megafauna-foundation-mmf-aqua-firma-guide-photography-ralph-pannell.jpg
  • orchid-mangabe-rainforest-trust-voakajy-aqua-firma-conservation-project-botanical-wildlife-holiday-sally-dean-jessica-photography-ralph-pannell.jpg
  • Assessing Crop Damage by Elephants in rural Sri Lanka
  • Coral Reef Surveys by Drone
  • Manta Ray Research & Conservation Komodo Indonesia
  • Research-boat-MMF-researchers-Madagascar-whale-shark-conservation-skin-DNA-sample-satellite-tag-photo-Ralph-Pannell.jpg
  • whale-shark-underbelly-rising-on-stuart-mexico-vertical-feeder-botella-afuera-cancun-isla-mujeres-snorkel-swim-tour-research-photography-aqua-firma.jpg
  • hatchling-leatherback-turtle-pacuare-reserve-tortuguero-national-park-canal-costa-rica-wildlife-photography-travel-holiday-research-conservation.jpg
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