Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic forms the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola, the second largest and most geographically diverse island in the Caribbean. Much more stable and in a better state of environmental preservation than its neighbouring Haiti, the Dominican Republic is a country where you can combine some of the Planet's best Humpback Whale observation and snorkelling experiences, with palm fringed beaches and some of the best adventure travel in the Caribbean.

Most people's immediate image of the Caribbean involves beautiful sugar white palm fringed beaches, colourful Afro-Caribbean cultures, carnivals and music. True to form the Dominican Republic offers all of this, but much more besides. Hispaniola has been shaped by titanic geological forces and boasts the highest peaks in the Caribbean, with its crowning peak, Pico Duarte rising 3,087m above sea-level. A hike to the summit will take you through cloud forest and unique pine forests of the Caribbean Alpine environment, with the reward of magnificent summit views.

Dropping down to the sea with the force of a breaching whale, we come to the Silverbanks. 100km north of the Dominican Republic's coast, this shallow coral bank is the wintering ground for a large portion of the North Atlantic population of Humpback Whales. Here we can take you in search of opportunities to snorkel with mother humpbacks gently nursing and playing with their calves; whilst only from the surface, we go in search of intense shows of masculine whale bravado (and sometimes violence) as huge males compete for the attention of females. We use speed boats to do this whilst based on a motor yacht 'mother ship'.

Snorkelling with Humpback Whale Mother and Calf - Bjoern Koth

Back on the mainland, fast flowing rivers descending down from the central highlands provide some of the most thrilling white water rafting in the Caribbean. Along more relaxed stretches of river, we can take you on overnight kayaking trips, camping overnight around a log fire on the riverbank. On coastal waters, kayaking is most interesting along the mangrove fringed Punta Rucia peninsula and Paradise Island off north coast.

For those with the energy, the Dominican Republic's steep terrain provides opportunity for challenging mountain bike adventures, as well as relaxed coastal peddles. For energy preservation, we can help you to enjoy some beautiful palm fringed beaches along the north coast. There is some relatively unexplored diving here as well as some of the finest wind surfing conditions.

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