Dominica is a green gem of a Caribbean island, with luxuriant rainforest, coral reefs and volcanic mountains reaching an altitude of 1,447 m (4,747 feet). It is also home to resident sperm whales for which our underwater photographers & marine scientists can secure special permits to host snorkel trips with them.

Swim with Sperm Whale Dominica

An estimated 58% of Dominica is cloaked in primary forest, providing a home to 195 species of bird and 1,228 species of vascular plant. The national flag features Dominica's national bird - the endemic Sisserou Parrot, which also goes by the name of Imperial Amazon (Amazona imperialis). Our safaris here can include expert-guided birdwatching & natural history treks, adventurous canyoning and scenic hikes amongst stunning peaks, valleys and waterfalls.

Soufriere Carribean Dominica

There are some dramatic cliff coastlines surrounding Dominica; and out to sea its reefs are particularly rich in colourful sponges, sea fans, frogfish and scenic underwater landscapes. The scuba diving and snorkelling we provide here is highly rewarding, with the unique feature of a Champagne Reef where thermal springs bubble to the sea surface.

For those keen for some luxurious R&R, our partner, award-winning Secret Bay resort provides an absolutely stunning setting of sea view clifftop villas set amongst luxuriant forest.

  • One of Dominica's many rainforest waterfalls
  • Vibrant Orange Sponges on Dominica's Coral Reefs
  • Giant Sponge on Dominica's coral coastline
  • Classic snorkel & dive site off Dominica's coast
  • Sponges are a strong feature of Caribbean reefs
  • Mangrove channels of Dominica
  • Frogfish with Fan Work Crown on Dominica's coral reefs
  • The Streets of Roseau - Dominica's capital
  • Scuba Diving amongst Dominica's giant sponges
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