There are few countries which can match Ecuador's diverse range of habitats and rich wildlife, especially if you include its Galapagos islands which lie 600 miles to the west.

The Andes runs through the centre of the country, punctuated by ice capped volcanoes.  Many of these are active with smoking vents - others lie dormant and whose craters have filled to form lakes.

To the east, tributaries of the River Amazon wind their way through luxuriant lowland rainforest - home to mammals which include howler monkeys, pink river dolphins and giant river otters.

To the west of the Andes lies the Choco-Andean rainforests which begin at around 5,000 metres as ancient Polylepis forest; and end as the world's tallest mangroves on the Pacific Coast.  The cloud forests between are a superb place from which to combine mountain scenery with intense botanical displays of bromeliads and orchids; and see some of the country's most diverse birdlife.

This diversity of habitats provides home for an estimated one in ten of all known species of plant. It also contains and incredible 1,641 known species of bird - the fourth highest number in the world - all within a country similar in size to England.

Ecuador's diverse range of habitats, rivers and coastlines lends itself to inspiring ways to explore the country.  The Amazon can be experienced from waterside wilderness lodges, by dugout canoe or inflatable raft led by one of our expert guides.  Horseback, hiking, rafting and mountain bikes each provide excellent access to the flanks of the Andes, with evening stays in an inspiring cloud forest lodge or highland hacienda.

Aqua-Firma has been actively involved with habitat conservation, wildlife research, scuba diving and expeditions to Ecuador and the Galapagos since 1988. This experience not only helps us to know the area in great depth, but enables us to tailor your experience to suit your special interests, the time you have and your budget. Whether you are travelling alone or pulling together a family or special group, we will be able to assist.

To speak with an expert, call us or send an enquiry to us by means of our Contact Form.

  • Virgin Cloud Forest in the Choco-Andes
  • Dugout Canoe Safari in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Plaza San Francisco in the Old Town of Quito - a UNESCO World Heritage Site photography: Ralph Pannell Aqua-Firma
  • Amazon Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus)
  • Kichwa family on the Rio Napo in the Ecuadorian Oriente
  • Leaf Cutter Ants
  • Amazon Rainforest Mist rising after rains from the Yasuni National Park Rio Napo Anangu Ecuador landscape photography Ralph Pannell AQUA-FIRMA


  • Red Howler Monkey Amazon Ecuador Photo: Ralph Pannell
  • Trogon in Ecuador's Cloud forest - birdwatching photography by Ralph Pannell AQUA-FIRMA
  • The Elusive Jaguar
  • Plate-billed Mountain Toucan (Andigena laminirostris) - Tandayapa - Nigel Puttick
  • Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus)
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