A list of what makes Madagascar a special and unique place to experience is long: lemurs, rainforest, spiny forest, baobabs, chameleons, humpback whales, whale sharks, vast coral reefs and idyllic offshore islands …. There is nowhere quite like it. So much of what you can see here is found nowhere else; and doesn't quite feel like anywhere else either. It's neither Africa nor Asia, but has ancient ingredients of both, natural and human, which have drifted away into the Indian Ocean, evolving in its own unique way.

No visitor to the country can fail to feel how precious and vulnerable this country's assets are. Its habitats have been cut back and its people are none the richer by it - in fact life is hard and whilst it is fascinating to feel how medieval life can feel far out into the countryside, Madagascar needs equitable sustainable development and its precious environments, both land and marine need protection.

Indri Lemur - Ralph Pannell

Aqua-Firma has been exploring the reefs and rainforests of this country since 1992 - experience we can translate into tailor made travel to almost any part of the country you like, be that for adventure or to explore its wildlife, marine life, rainforests, tsingy, mountains, offshore islands or cultures.

We also run two rather special experiences: one where you can enjoy a Whale Shark Research and Photography team off the coast of Nosy Be, where we also go in search of mating and birthing Humpback Whales, the rare Omura's Whale, Mobula Rays, bait balls of tuna and diving seabirds, turtles, coral reefs and island-based lemurs and chameleons.

Whale Shark in Nosy Be

Inland, we are helping communities to develop sustainable ecotourism at a new 76,000 acre rainforest reserve. It is situated within about 4 hours of the capital, Antananarivo, yet currently receives no visitors other than those we take there on a pioneering journey in October; and researchers and conservationists keen to study a forest where the once considered extinct Golden Mantella Frog was rediscovered and large troops of Indri, Sifaka, Mouse and Night Lemurs survive amongst some stunning hillside and deep valley forests.

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