Horse Riding Journeys

Journeys by horseback can be some of the most invigorating 'off road' experiences you can have, taking you deep into wilderness areas. Our horse riding experiences include trekking amongst the forests, lakes, rivers, volcanoes and glaciers of the Andes; to vast open beaches along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

In Argentina's Patagonia, we can take you on day treks based from a comfortable estancia, where you can share the life of a Gaucho. Our multi-day treks take you high into remote parts of the Andes, where your basecamp will move with you along the way.

In Ecuador, the true horsemen are known as Chagras; and it is through their lands that we ride into the Avenue of Volcanoes. Our experiences range from a first introduction to horse riding and easy day ride; to multi-day treks through the Cotopaxi Volcano National Park and Andean Cloud Forest; to some of the most scenic riding in the country leading to Lake Quilotoa.

Safety when riding is paramount, which begins with matching your experience and current fitness with rides well within your comfort zone. Our aim is to show you the world rather than test your limits.

  • Equestrian Hacienda & Stables in Ecuador
  • Chagra Rider in Ecuador
  • Riding in the shadow of Cotopaxi Volcano
  • A British Chagra! in Ecuador
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