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A voyage to the Polar Regions is a true wilderness and wildlife journey of a lifetime.  Based on years of on-location professional knowledge and expertise, Aqua-Firma specialists understand what makes a truly memorable and insightful polar experience.

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Small Ship Polar Voyages
Our voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica are taken onboard our portfolio of small ships: ice strengthened vessels, classic sailing yachts and tall ships. These vessels carry between 12 and 200 people, ensuring that your polar experience is intimate and memorable. Expedition cruise ships offer space, comfort and sometimes luxury, whilst sailing and classic yachts deliver traditional comfort with a pioneering sense of exploration and adventure.

Exploring on Land
Whichever  the vessel choice, the trip objective is to offer an intimate exploration of the coast and onshore. Rigid inflatable boats serve as landing craft, perfect for guided daily landings to impressive glacier fronts, majestic icebergs and providing an essential platform for close up observations of the truly incredible wildlife of the polar regions.

Selecting where to explore
For those travelling to Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic islands we offer a broad range of ways to explore; from a classic expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula, exploration of the Falklands and South Georgia, a voyage through the Weddell Sea, or a 30 day semi-circumnavigation of the continent with helicopter support. In the Arctic we offer many ways to explore Arctic wildlife highlights of Spitsbergen, Canada and the volcanic Russian Far East; as well as the dramatic mountains, glaciers, wildlife and culture of Greenland.

Exceptional guiding and expertise
Our polar guides are amongst the most professional and personable in their field. These include in house marine scientists, former staff of the British Antarctic Survey, former Director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, wildlife experts, historians, geologists and professional photographers, all primed to inform and inspire.

Whilst we cater for those who desire a relaxing polar experience in style and comfort, we are also experts in a wide range of adventure activities. These include camping out on the Antarctic ice, sea kayaking in the company of whales, polar sailing, snow shoe walking, dog sledding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and even expert led scuba diving. Aqua-Firma adventure specialists are professional divers, yacht masters and keen kayakers all with first hand experience at both poles and more than happy to discuss your activity options.

Our promise and your protection
Polar voyages are a major commitment for most travellers. We offer a personal and professional service with a promise that for any experience which is directly comparable, our prices are never beaten.   Detailed information is provided throughout your booking and preparation process and with our first hand experience we are always available to answer any questions, no matter how small, giving 24 hour support for our clients before you depart and whilst away.  Whilst our voyages can be enjoyed as stand alone experiences, we are a fully ATOL bonded travel company and able to provide flights and accommodation before and after your voyage.

Expertise to extend your travel plans
We are a specialist at tailor made travel within Argentina and other parts of Latin America.  Within Spitsbergen, we operate some excellent day trips which can fulfill these kind of experiences: dog sledding, sea kayaking or energetic full day treks. For those travelling to Greenland, Iceland is always on the itinerary where we can add anything from an exhilarating day trip to a week's exploration of the country's dramatic tectonic scenery and marine life.

For details about our inspiring  polar  experiences  please click on a selected  destination below or give us a call to help decide which of our many experience options might best deliver the experience you are seeking.

Polar Responsible Travel
Aqua-Firma’s heritage is one of marine and environmental science and conservation.  Responsibility to protect the unique environments we visit is paramount. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to these locations which is why we automatically offset the carbon emissions of your voyage, as well as your flights getting there and back if booked through us. We do this through our Rainforest4Climate programme established with the charity Rainforest Concern. We have done this ever since the company was established and as far as we know, we are the only company that does.

Arctic Sailing in Spitsbergen

Small Ship Voyages to Spitsbergen (Svalbard)




Polar Activities

The Northern Lights
(Aurora borealis)

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  • Svalbard Reindeer
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AQUA-FIRMA's Rainforest4Climate Projects


South Georgia

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  • camping-antarctica-adventure-polar-travel-holiday-vacation-cruise-voyage-wilderness-marsel-van-oosten.jpg
  • cute-elephant-seal-pup-falklands-south-georgia-antarctic-peninsula-wildlife-marine-life.jpeg
  • zodiac-crusing-antarctica-voyage.jpg
  • noorderlicht-norway-sailing-voyage-jan-belgers.jpg
  • diving-in-antarctica-underwater-marine-life-wildlife-wilderness-adventure-cruise-voyage.jpg
  • glacier-calving-north-spitsbergen-polar-bear-special-voyage-expedition-cruise-svalbard-arctic-polar-travel-wildlife-david-slater.jpg
  • snowmobiling-basecampexplorer-photoby-kirsti-ikonen-7-preview.jpeg.jpg
  • black-browed-albatross-falkland-islands-antarctic-voyage-wildlife-marine-life-cruise-voyage.jpg
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