Snorkelling & Freediving

Our Oceans may be deep, but some of the most colourful parts of it lie within the first few metres. Ocean Giants such as Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays will also often come to the sea surface to feed and breed, for which snorkelling and freediving is a perfect option for unencumbered viewing.

Marine life, diving and snorkelling are core passions for us and knowledge of the areas we visit is difficult to surpass. Aqua-Firma's area-specific specialists have guided and researched in every ocean. This enables us to tailor your experiences for what best serves your interests; and answer any general or technical diving questions you may have, from the state of tropical reefs around the Globe, to snorkelling near freezing polar waters.

The Best of Above & Below Water

An important criteria of the destinations we travel to, is the ability seamlessly to combine a world class underwater experience with equally inspiring travel on land. In the Galapagos we have some dedicated snorkelling and terrestrial wildlife experiences; and in the likes of Africa you can combine our Whale Shark Research & Conservation experience with one of our Great Migration Safaris.

World Class Diving & Snorkelling - Deeper Insights

Aqua-Firma also offers a series of unique group expert led diving and snorkelling experiences which provide insights into marine science, conservation and underwater photography. These include Whale Shark and Manta Ray Research experiences to Mexico, Madagascar, Komodo and Tanzania; and snorkelling alongside humpback whales and their calves, based on a motor yacht far out to sea in the Caribbean Silverbanks between the Dominican Republic and Turks & Caicos Islands.

Protecting the Marine Environment

Whilst we aim to enable you to explore some of the world's greatest diving locations, conservation of the marine environment you see with us is a priority. Our first objective is to minimize any potential impact your visit may have and we therefore urge all snorkellers to stay safe and responsible.

We are also proud to contribute directly to marine protection in places where we snorkel. In the Galapagos, we make a donation to the Galapagos Conservation Trust with every client we send to the islands. In the Arctic and Antarctica, we remain the only company to offset the carbon emissions of polar voyages, through rainforest projects we have been assisting since 1999.

Our whale shark and manta ray research trips to Madagascar, Tanzania, Komodo and Mafia Island have raised significant funds for our partners at the Marine Megafauna Foundation. For further information visit the Research & Conservation section this website; or for further inspiration Contact one of our experts.

  • Snorkelling with Whale Shark in Mexico
  • Snorkelling with Humpback Whales in the Silverbanks
  • Freediving in Komodo with Manta Ray (Mobula Alfredi) photo: Ralph Pannell
  • Christmas Tree Worm New Ireland Kavieng Papua New Guinea Ralph Pannell
  • Photo: Rob Smith Silverbanks Humpback Whale Snorkelling
  • Shallow-Reefs-New-Ireland-Papua-New-Guinea-Ralph-Pannell-snorkel-freedive-travel-holiday-1800.jpg
  • Green Turtle seagrass beds Madagascar (c) Ralph Pannell
  • Drone view coral barrier reef New Caledonia
  • Silverbanks Humpack Whale Watching snorkelling Jan Wigley
  • Snorkelling with Bottlenose Dolphins in Madagascar
  • Komodo Hard & Soft Coral Reefs (c) Ralph Pannell
  • whale-shark-dancing-on-tail-vertical-feeding-isla-mujeres-holbox-yucatan-mexico-research-photography-ralph-pannell.jpg
  • Outrigger in Papua New Guinea
  • Hawksbill Turtle Nosy Tanikley Nosy Be Madagascar (c) Ralph Pannell
  • Coral Reef Bommie Benouil New Caledonia
  • Butterflyfish coral reef Komodo
  • Kri island by drone reef rainforest West Papua
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