Small Ship Expedition Cruises

Our collection of small ship cruises cover the globe from Antarctica & the Arctic; deep Amazon and remote corners of the South Pacific; to the most beautiful historic ports of call in the Mediterranean & Caribbean.

Our collection of small ships cruises provide a Mother Ship platform enabling you to visit remote destinations, often unreachable by other means, in a way which provides comfort and convenience. Like a large cruise ship, we can experience picturesque landscapes of your chosen corner of the globe at various vantage points, be that from an observation lounge, bar, restaurant or al fresco deck area. Unlike a large cruise ship however, we can navigate closer to polar glacier fronts, reach inside rainforest rivers and steer safely amongst a complex of small coral islands in shallow turquoise seas. Our selection of small ships can also launch small tenders almost anywhere, enabling discrete access to narrow rivers, village harbours and land you on uninhabited beaches and shorelines.

Galapagos Cruise Penguin Zodiac RIB Panga
Wildlife Cruise in the Galapagos Islands

In more inland parts of the world, we might take you to explore a wider area using safari vehicles and lodges; and small flights to wilderness corners of the world. Where small ship cruises come into their own is where you can unpack once and let the ship and its onboard team transport you the whole way through an wonderful travel experience. The choice then is where do you want to go; what facilities and comfort you want (spa, sauna, gym?); and does the ship have the expertise and kit you need to see all that you hope to? be that snorkel gear, kayaks, paddle boards or scuba capability.

Scuba Spa Cruise Maldives
Cruise Scuba & Spa in the Maldives

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  • Rigid Inflatable Boat landing
  • Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos
  • Exploring the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea
  • Amazon River Cruise in Ecuador
  • Stepping off-ship at a Festival in Papua New Guinea
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  • Al Fresco bar & bistro
  • On the Deck of Luxury Tallship
  • Watching Antarctica from On Deck
  • Galapagos in a 16 Passenger Yacht
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