Northern Lights & Natural Wonders of Iceland

This Winter Iceland experience combines some of the country's famous volcanic landscapes, spurting geysers, meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls; with opportunities to see the mystical Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Northern Lights sightings can occur anytime from Autumn to early Spring, though largely rely on clear skies and a little bit of luck.  They are best observed in areas away from artificial light, with full moon periods avoided since strong moonlight can itself partially obscure the Northern Lights.  Some say that the colder the night's frost, the more vibrant and intense the colours.  Swirling and swaying overhead, displays are usually greenish yellow; but white, red and pink lights also frequently appear. One thing is for sure - witnessing the Northern Lights is a sight not soon forgotten.

A comfortable and traditional Icelandic hotel in the centre of Reykjavik provides an ideal start and end point for this experience, from where to explore some of Iceland's most spectacular geological wonders by day. Come nightfall, we will take you in search of the Northern Lights, venturing deep into the countryside, free from the interference of artificial light.

Amidst the excitement of chasing the Northern Lights, we will take you to explore some of Iceland's dramatic volcanic landscapes. Taking to a 'super jeep', with extra wide tyres for enhanced off road capacity, you will visit the spectacular 32 metre high Gulfoss waterfall; the famous Geysir hot springs; and Thingvellir National Park where you can witness one of the only two tectonic rift valleys in the world.

You will get the chance to explore some fascinating subterranean landscape of one of Iceland's many lava fields. Located in the Blue Mountains you will visit a typical lava tube and witness the multitude of colours and jagged rock formations from within.

You will also hike on Iceland's 4th biggest glacier to explore the raw and ever changing hub of ancient frozen water, riddled with crevasses, sinkholes and jagged ridges. If you are feeling particularly adventurous there will be an opportunity to try your hand at ice climbing too.

Your experience will be rounded off with a relaxing bathe in the world famous Blue Lagoon, where you can soak up the scenic beauty, fresh air and geothermal seawater with an enhanced understanding of where this relaxing 'spa water' comes from.


Sample 6 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Reykjavik

Arrive Reykjavik.  Please Contact Us to receive a flight quote.

You will step onboard a pre-arranged shuttle to your hotel.

You will be spending 5 nights in a comfortable traditional style hotel within the heart of Reykjavik on a bed and breakfast basis, conveniently located on one of the city's oldest streets, in close proximity to shops, restaurants and bars.  Hotel upgrades can be arranged.

Tonight you will go in search for the Northern Lights in the comfort of a super jeep on a 3-4 hour trip, to where the tour buses cannot and learn all about this amazing light display from an expert guide in a small group setting.  You will be dropped back to your hotel in Reykjavik afterwards.

Day 2: Glacier Hiking on Sólheimajökull Glacier

Your day trip will begin by journeying to the frozen glacial tongue of Sólheimajökull - a magnificent phenomenon and a rugged, raw and ever changing hub of ancient frozen water.  The journey to the glacier will take around 2 hours, with a brief stop for refreshments en route.

Once at the glacier you will be geared up with an ice climbing harness (ice climbing is optional) and adorn your crampons.  If you decide to do this you will explore the crevassed riddled outlet glacier and witness its fascinating ice formations, sinkholes and jagged ridges.  Throughout the glacier hike your guides will share their knowledge and provide deeper insights into the glacier, its history and the surrounding area.

Along the way you will come across an ice wall on the glacier, which you will have the exciting opportunity to climb if you wish.  If you choose to have a go at ice climbing, you will be fully briefed beforehand, provided with an axe and safety ropes and fully supervised throughout.

After around 4 1/2 - 5 hours on the glacier, you will begin your journey back to Reykjavik, paying a visit en route to the beautiful Skógafoss waterfall.  You will arrive back to Reykjavik at around 7pm.

Day 3 - Lava Caving

You will be collected from your hotel in the early afternoon and will spend the next few hours discovering the hidden world beneath you.

Iceland is known for its volcanic activity across the country. This is your chance to explore the fascinating subterranean landscape of one of Iceland's many lava fields. Cave Leiðarendi, located in the Blue Mountains just out of Reykjavik is typical lava tube, formed by flowing lava moving beneath the hardened surface thousands of years ago.

With an endless multitude of colours and jagged rock formations, this caving trip is sure to give you a unique and captivating experience. This is a perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and discover something completely new. In the winter time, you are sure to see some amazing icicles hanging from the cave roof on your underworld adventure.

Day 4: Golden Circle

After being picked up from your accommodation, your first stop is the Þingvellir National Park 40 min due east of the city.  Þingvellir is one of Iceland's most historic sites as it was there that Iceland's first parliament was founded in the year 930 AD.  Here you will also see for yourself one of only two tectonic rift valleys in the worlds, created as the continental plates slowly drift.

From there you will drive to the serene Lake Laugarvatn and along gravel tracks toward the world-renowned geothermal area around the Geysir hot spring.  Iceland's "Geysir" is known as one of four places on earth to regularly erupt up to 25 meters high! It was the first geothermal erupting area described in a printed source and the first known to modern Europeans.  This is the one spouting hot spring that all such phenomena on Earth are named after and there you will see a variety of geothermal pools and erupting hot springs, surely one of the highlights of any visit to Iceland.

From there you will continue to Gullfoss ("The Golden waterfall") where your proximity to its edge is so close you can feel the refreshing spray of the glacial water on your face.
After Gullfoss comes the mighty Langjökull glacier, displaying its endless snowfields and panoramic views of south Iceland.

After the trip you will be dropped back to your hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 5: Whale Watching

This morning we take to a boat in search of whales in Faxafló Bay from Reykjavik.  During this whale watching trip, you will be on the lookout for such species as minke, humpback, fin and orca.  For further details about this expert guided whale watching trip, please Click Here.    

Day 6: Blue Lagoon & Depart Reykjavik

This morning you will head to Iceland's famous geothermal spa - the Blue Lagoon on the bus for an ideal finale to your week of hunting the Northern Lights and geological exploration.  Here you can soak up the beauty of your surroundings and breathe in the fresh air whilst bathing in the naturally heated pure geothermal seawater. 

Afterwards you will catch a shuttle transfer bus to the airport.


Price includes
All accommodation (based on standard double / twin room)
Meals as specified (B=breakfast L=lunch D=dinner)
All guided activities and equipment as specified in the itinerary
Return airport transfers
Return transfer to the Blue Lagoon

Price excludes
Travel insurance
Items not specified

Hotel Upgrade to Deluxe Room £55 per person. Further hotel upgrades are available.

Activity Level Easy


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  • Caving in Iceland
  • Gulfoss Waterfall Golden Circle Iceland
  • Lava Caving Iceland
  • Geyir Hot Spring Iceland
  • Skogarfoss Waterfall Iceland
  • Geysir Golden Circle Iceland
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