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It is an inescapable fact that travel involves the burning of fossil fuels and leads to the emission of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). Where we can, Aqua-Firma promotes low impact travel which is why we favour sailing yachts, canoeing, kayaking and rafting over motorised transport.

As a company, Aqua-Firma is committed to being Carbon and Biodiversity Positive. Our first step towards achieving this is to minimise the CO2 emissions related to corporate travel, office heating etc. We also commit to address the carbon emissions of all of our clients' Polar Voyages and flights to the polar regions if booked through us; and contribute to rainforest protection with everyone who travels with us to the forests of the Amazon, Central & South America, Equatorial Africa, South East Asia or Madagascar.

Rainforest Floor to Canopy Madagascar photograph Ralph Pannell

To combine our interests in carbon emissions and to protect biodiversity, we set up a Rainforest4Climate Fund. This was initiated when Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell, was working part of his time with the UK charity, Rainforest Concern. The aim of the fund is to help achieve permanent protection of rainforest for which, without the Fund's donations, would not be protected against deforestation. With each relevant booking, Aqua-Firma adds to the Fund which can amount to as much as £50 for some of our polar voyages, which clients often choose to match. This figure is higher if clients book flights with us.

Here are links to some of the projects Rainforest4Climate has supported:

Lemurs & Rainforest - Madagascar

Lemurs, Golden Frogs & New Rainforest Reserve in Madagascar - funded 1,000 acres of new reserve created in 2015 with ongoing support for habitat reconstruction, 7,500 trees planted so far ... more

Peruvian Amazon - 10,000 acres

Peruvian Amazon - 10,000 acre forest reserve within a new protected area spanning 5.9 million acres ... more

Choco-Andes Rainforest Corridor

Aqua-Firma has injected £10,000 into Rainforest Concern's Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor: a project connecting cloud forest to lowland rainforest in Ecuador & Colombia ... more

Amazon Guardians

COVID-19 | Protecting Indigenous People who protect the Amazon in Colombia & Brazil ... more

AQUA-FIRMA Helping to Stop Amazon Destruction

Aqua-Firma is funding the Rainforest Trust to protect 4,424 acres of Amazon rainforest in Bolivia - an area which locks in 725,536 tonnes of CO2 ... more

Working with Local Communities

Whilst forest area, biodiversity value and level of threat are key criteria on which we judge which projects we support, the sustainability of a project is another key criteria. Working effectively with local communities is essential, both in terms of education and helping them to find profitable ways to co-exist alongside protected habitat. There are many ways a conservation project can do this, of which ecotourism is but one. All of the projects we have supported so far have community education and sustainable development deeply entrenched within their strategies for success.

Conservation in Action Journeys

If you would like to see some of the projects Aqua-Firma helps to support, please Contact Us and we will be able to provide with both a fascinating insight into rainforest conservation, expert assistance in seeing and learning about its wildlife and an insight you won't forget into forces which will dictate the future of our world. By visiting, we will also be helping to support the ongoing protection of the areas you visit, the wildlife and people who live there.

Thank You

Aqua-Firma is able to support these projects because of the people who choose to travel with us. We hope you will join us (again) soon.

  • Tree planting in Madagascar using non-plastic hand-woven biodegradable pots
  • Neblina Reserve - Part of the Rainforest Concern Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor photo: Ralph Pannell (Aqua-Firma)

Rewilding Madagascar

2023 Madagascan Christmas Trees

Stopping COVID-19 in the Amazon

Reforestation in Madagascar

The Frog & Rainforest

Diademed Sifaka

Aye-Aye Lemur Discovered in Rainforest Protected by Aqua-Firma

Polar Voyages

  • Cloud Forest in Ecuador's Tropical Choco-Andes photo: Ralph Pannell
  • Trogons are some of the most colourful birds in the Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor photo: Ralph Pannell

Amazon Guardians

AQUA-FIRMA Helping to Stop Amazon Destruction

Choco-Andes Rainforest Corridor

Lemurs & Rainforest - Madagascar

Peruvian Amazon - 10,000 acres


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