Coronavirus COVID-19 Travel Advice

In view of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, this page is here to navigate you to some of our advice about latest protocols you will need to consider when making an international journey with us. This is by no means complete and can never replace directives provided by the border controls at each of the countries you will be visiting, transiting, departing, or flying back to - but we hope it provides a useful initial reference point.

You may find that a destination you are travelling to with us is not represented. This could be because travel regulations have changed significantly and we have consequently removed advice, pending an update. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us for additional information and advice.

Travel Insurance with Cover for COVID-19

An important element of protection against challenges to travel presented by COVID-19, is travel insurance. Aqua-Firma does not recommend a specific policy and cannot check insurance policies of different companies  - so it is important to check that your insurance covers activities you are likely to participate in and provides the kind of cover you are satisfied with in all other regards and in relation to your specific circumstances.  This includes insurance cover for your personal belongings, cameras, dive equipment etc. Your insurance must also include satisfactory cover for helicopter rescue, air ambulance, repatriation, medical costs, cancellation cover and costs related to COVID should you test positive whilst travelling. Cancellation cover is standard with many (but not all) travel insurance policies and it is essential because it provides you with financial protection in the event you are unable to travel and have to cancel or curtail your trip e.g. due to illness, injury, you test positive for COVID just prior to your intended departure or during your trip.

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