Reforestation in Madagascar

This is the view over a 76,000 acre reserve Aqua-Firma helped create in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar:

And here is an aerial view of a part of it which was deforested before Aqua-Firma's conservation partners Rainforest Trust and Voakajy created the reserve:

As a result of funds generated from Aqua-Firma's Lemurs, Golden Frogs & New Rainforest Reserve journey this year, we have funded the planting of 2,000 native trees which will go alongside 2,000 trees we funded on this plot last year.  A further 2,600 have been funded by supporters of WWF. What are now just tiny saplings will eventually provide habitat and yield food for some of the fantastic wildlife see here. Species include Madagascar's largest lemur, the Indri; endemic birds like the Blue Coua; and amphibians like the Golden Mantella Frog, which was once considered to be extinct. 

To see this stunning part of Madagascar for yourself,  you can travel with directors of Aqua-Firma and our partner conservation NGO on our Lemurs, Golden Frogs & New Rainforest Reserve journey in October 2020.

A big thank you to those who joined us on this trip the past three years and to all of those who have contributed to our Rainforest4Climate fund by travelling with us on Polar Voyages. Without you, this reforestation in Madagascar would not have taken place.

  • Tree Planting Reforestation & Habitat Reconstruction in Madagascar funded by Aqua-Firma Rainforest4Climate
  • Diademed Sifaka Lemur within Rainforest Reserve part-funded by Aqua-Firma
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