Aye-Aye Lemur Discovered in Rainforest Protected by Aqua-Firma

The sight of an Aye-Aye lemur is considered by many Madagascans as very bad luck; but for an animal thought to have gone extinct in 1933, this camera trap image is a very welcome sight, in a Madagascan rainforest we helped to preserve and expand.

Field workers from our partner charity Madagasikara Voajaky, have long suspected Aye-Ayes to exist in the Mangabe Reserve. We first placed a camera trap in a likely location on our last Lemurs,  Golden Frogs and New Rainforest Reserve trip to the area, in October 2019. No luck then, but it was wonderful to receive this image to add this iconic mammal to the list of lemurs found there.

There is no permanent tourist accommodation at Mangabe, but you can join there where we take a mobile safari camp into the area of our Lemurs, Golden Frogs and New Rainforest Reserve trips, next scheduled for October 2024. 

Aye-Aye Lemur Madagaascar Rainforest Camera Trap photograph


Lemurs of Madagascar

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