Peruvian Amazon - 10,000 acres

In January 2015, Aqua-Firma funded the creation of a 10,000 acre protected forest reserve within a new protected area spanning an mind-boggling 5.9 million acres. This consisted of a new national park, a new national reserve and 57 community owned territories which act as a buffer zone to the centrally protected areas.

Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Wilderness

This Rainforest Trust project is deep in Peruvian wilderness - the very heart of its wild Amazon. The area contains vast areas of pristine rainforest, uncontacted tribes, wild rivers and extinct volcanoes peaking through unbroken forest spreading far beyond the horizon. Areas like this are critical for providing a wild home for large Amazon mammals such as Jaguars, Pumas, the South American tapir and herds of White-Lipped and Collared Peccary who need home ranges of up to 200km2.

Of particular interest to us in this area is a highly elusive monkey which provided the reason for Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell's, first expedition to the Amazon. Before the expedition, the Goeldi Monkey was not proven to exist in Ecuador. The Goeldi is certainly an inhabitant of this project area, as well as the 'English Gin Drinker': the Uakari monkey, who owes its nickname to its pink hairless head.

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