Fin Whale

Name: Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus)

Length: 16 – 20 m  
Weight: 4 – 10 tonnes

Fin  whales are both  a pelagic and nearshore species,  sometimes frequenting  waters as  shallow as 30 m. Although generally brownish grey  above and white below,  fin whales have an unusual asymmetrical  colouration;  with  the  lower  jaw  white on  the  right  side  and  dark  on  the  left.  Fin whales  are  second  only  to  blue  whales  in  length  but  appear  thinner  and  more  ‘slight’.    These sociable  whales  are  typically  seen  in pods of  5  - 7  individuals  but  groups  as large as  300 have been observed migrating together. The fin whale is one of the fastest of the cetaceans and reach speeds of 37 km/hr. They are also known to breach (leap) completely out of the water.


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