SH Vega

SH Vega perfectly combines elegant form with superior function. Launched July 2022, she fills a unique niche in polar sailing, offering 5 star comfort and service for a maximum of just 152 passengers. 

We love the relaxed atmosphere onboard, with an interior design of rich textiles and intimate lighting, creating a welcoming, comfortable environment. Despite offering such fine surroundings the onboard team still delivers an expedition philosophy where wildlife and off ship exploration remain the focus.

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Ice Class:

PC5 ice-strengthened hull




337 ft (115cm)


18 ft (5.5 m)


75 ft (23 m)

Cruising Speed:

15.5 knots in open water


2 fully enclosed


The crew includes a team of 12 expedition guides, expert speakers and lecturers. With a maximum of 120 passengers, she offers an outstanding staff-to-guest ratio, enabling attentive personal service to the highest standard.

With a PC5 ice strengthened hull and extra large stabilisers, she offers passengers as smooth a ride as possible.  Onboard Tender boats transport passengers between the ship and shore.

Environmental Considerations
Every effort is made on this ship to reduce the environmental footprint of Voyages aboard SH Vega and she follows stringent guidelines such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) MARPOL Convention and adopt all of the voluntary standards of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).  

In terms of technical credentials, the Tier III diesel-electric generation with Selective Catalytic Reduction units reduce harmful emissions. She is able to stay in port emission free and cruise at reduced speed for several hours in noise and emission free mode through wildlife sanctuaries.

Waste and emissions are reduced through the use of onboard recycling, high energy efficiency solutions and Advanced Wastewater Treatment systems. Ultra-low consumption LED lighting and intelligent climate control systems are used throughout the ship.  Meanwhile, dynamic positioning systems help to prevent the ship dropping anchor in fragile environments.

The concept of stainability is also adopted within the ships interior design in both textiles and surface coverings.  Single use plastics are reduced to an unavoidable bare minimum onboard, with continuous efforts being made to reduce this still further. Advanced potable water treatment systems purify, mineralise and carbonate freshly-prepared pure drinking water, eliminating the need for bottled water; water dispensers of which are provided throughout the ship.  Guests will also receive a complimentary metal water bottle from which to use onboard and excursions.

Scientific and expedition onboard teams/associations:
Passengers will get the opportunity onboard to participate in Citizen Science, helping to contributes valuable data obtained during their expedition, including reporting cloud data with NASA, recording whale sightings with Happywhale, monitoring phytoplankton with the Secchi Disk Study, and Antarctic seabird numbers with Stony Brook University.

Elegant interior:
Throughout the ship the use of natural materials and neutral tones create a style that is welcoming.  Her staterooms are beautifully appointed, all with large picture windows, some with balcony.  Suites have a separate living room and bedroom, meanwhile, all have a mesmerizing holographic fireplace to create the perfect relaxing space.

The main restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing international and local cuisine, focused on quality regional ingredients from the unique destinations the ship visits. Meanwhile, the observation is the ideal place to sit back and relax with a drink, mingle with other passengers and enjoy the surrounding spectacular scenery. The Club Lounge is the hub of the ship, combining 24 hours tapas inspired dining with panoramic ocean views.

By way of relaxation and exercise facilities onboard, Deck 8 offers a state-of-the-art gym, sauna (with a view) and Jacuzzi. When not being guided through the polar wilderness off-ship you can take the opportunity to enjoy the heated pool with plenty of pool-side seating.

  • SH Vega
  • The Swan Restaurant - SH Vega
  • Science Centre - SH Vega
  • Balcony Suite - SH Vega
  • Twin Vega - SH Vega
  • Suite Lounge - SH Vega
  • Bathroom - SH Vega
  • Observation Lounge - SH Vega
  • On Deck - SH Vega
  • Ready Room - SH Vega
  • Bridge - SH Vega
  • Lounge, SH Vega
  • Fine Dining on SH Vega



  • Bow, SH Vega
  • Swimming Pool, SH Vega
  • Lounge, SH Vega
  • Premium-Suite - SH Vega
  • Balcony Suite - SH Vega
  • Staircase - SH Vega
  • Gym - SH Vega
  • Restaurant - SH Vega
  • Sauna - SH Vega
  • Lounge, SH Vega


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