Madagascar Reopens

At last, Madagascar has reopened its borders to foreign travellers, with airlines flying to the capital and northern hub airports once again.

Like many countries, the travel stoppage caused by COVID-19 eliminated once of Madagascar's most important sources of income - funds which are essential for maintaining the country's national park and non-government network of protected wild areas. This includes the 76,000 acre Mangabe - a reserve which Aqua-Firma helped establish in 2015, whose rainforests hold enigmatic species such as the Indri and Diademed Sifaka lemurs, the rare Golden Mantella Frog and huge diversity of chameleons, birds and plants found nowhere else in the world.

Panther Chameleon Madagascar

Aqua-Firma will restart safari holiday travel operations in the country this month, with fundraising trips for Rainforest Conservation and Whale Shark Research confirmed to run again this October. We hope you will join us on these, or one of our privately organised tailor-made wildlife and marine life adventures around the country.

Madagascar Island Coral Reef


Lemurs of Madagascar

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