Seals of Spitsbergen

On our polar  voyages  we have  the good fortune to meet  with  several  species  of seals;  peeking their inquisitive heads out of the water to inspect us, lazing in groups on the ice floes and always keeping  a  wary  eye  open  for  a  passing  hungry  polar bear. 

On  occasion  one  may  witness  the startling  act  of  a  polar  bear  capturing  and  eating a  seal  -  a  necessity  of  nature,  though  an emotional burden to witness.

Although we all may recognize seals, these beautiful creatures are often shy and secretive and we know relatively little about them. Whilst they may appear slow and cumbersome when either on the shore or on ice floes, it is in the water that they really come alive and  often  when  diving  we  can  hear  their  haunting  calls  and  communication  in  the  surrounding waters.

Some species are able to dive to depths of over 200 m in search of jellyfish, whilst others are capable  of gaining over  2 kg in  weight per day: the  seals of the  Arctic are an  enigmatic but mysterious group of Arctic wildlife.

Please Click Here for further information about the various seal species that can be found on our polar voyages.


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