Trip Reviews - Arctic Sailing in the Lofoten Islands

"A week later! - Still absorbing the trip.  It was very good, we thoroughly enjoyed everything.  Wonderful light, snow capped mountains, water and Islands.  Magical sea and skyscapes and the boat was beautiful.

The Crew were great. Hert the owner/captain, first mate Jeroen and Menthe the cook were splendid!  Menthe was amazing at producing great meals, making his own bread and providing lots of fresh salads and catering for my 'no red meat' request.  Our guide, Robin, was very,very, good.  Very steady, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Some wind allowed the sails to go up several times and all the passengers helped.

The Aurora Borealis revealed itself on several nights - the ships bell rang out at 11.15pm, so we all tumbled out of bed!"

Angela Bennett, Hereforshire

Arctic Sailing in the Lofoten Islands

What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?
Being woken in the night by the ship's bell and rushing on deck to see the Northern Lights!

Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?
Yes, we sailed whenever possible and made local purchases.

How would you rate your holiday overall?
It was an absolute pleasure.  The itinerary was designed to keep everyone happy and entertained.  The crew were friendly and helpful.  The food was completely yummy (thanks Sonja).  Our excursions took us to many beautiful spots and our guide, Jan, shared his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the places we visited.  The boat was beautiful - just the sight of it made you anticipate adventure.  The sailing was exhilarating.  Inside was cosy and comfortable - it even has a library.  Most of all, our fellow travellers were superb company and a joy to be with. 
Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

Moira Mannas, Surrey
Arctic Sailing in the Lofoten Islands

I had a great time. The crew were lovely, always smiling and helpful.

The sailing was fun, especially on the last day when we had a really good wind. We had some good walks to see views and wildlife.  We saw loads of sea eagles, one golden eagle, an otter, ermine, lots of other sea birds and a seal.

Major highlights were of course the Northern Lights, which we saw on 2 nights.

The other wonderful thing was the food. Sonja the cook made the most wonderful meals, baking fresh and interesting bread every day. All in all, I had a great experience have made new friends. 

Julie Creagh, Cornwall
Arctic Sailing in the Lofoten Islands

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