Trip reviews - Mexico

The holiday was fantastic!

The trip was more than I'd dared to dream. ...we saw Blue, Fin, Humpback, Brydes, Orca, Pilot [whales] and of course the Greys in their lagoon. I had the very surreal experience of rubbing a Grey calf's baleen along with rubbing his head, getting a blow straight up all over us and they also enjoyed blowing under water to create a mass of bubbles that exploded over us! Dolphins, sea turtles, lots of birds, whale shark (the naturalist hadn't seen one before in 20 years of going there, so we were very lucky) and Mobula rays leaping out of the water - very entertaining...more

(Karen Bailey, UK)
Baja California & Sea of Cortez Whale Watching Voyage

The experience was fantastic!  We thoroughly enjoyed getting so much time in the water with the sharks and meeting some new, fascinating people.

The highlights of the trip were, of course, being so close to the sharks.  We also enjoyed the talks … and being able to dive on the last day wrapped everything up beautifully. We enjoyed the dinners out with the group and thought the accommodations were good.

We look forward to traveling with Aqua Firma again.

(Doug & Carol Latimer, Houston USA)
Whale Shark Research & Photography, Isla Mujeres

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for a wonderful time in Mexico!!  I truly enjoyed every single moment and enjoyed the many birthday smiles and treats throughout the day. Thank you for a most extraordinary adventure!

Wishing you and Team 2 a successful trip.  I thought of you all many times on my journey home last night.

Missing you all.

(Sandy, the State of Ontario, Canada)
Whale Shark Research & Photography, Isla Mujeres &
Mayan Temples & Yucatan Wildlife & Marine Life Adventure

Absolutely out of this world!


(Mr & Mrs Ramsden, UK)
Baja California & Sea of Cortez Whale Watching Voyage

A wonderful holiday - all that I could have wished for. The whale shark experience was magical - to snorkel with so many amazing gentle giants together with manta rays in the clear waters of Mexico - spectacular. And to learn about them with a whale shark scientist and a local researcher made it extra special. I loved staying on the colourful island of Isla Mujeres, where we were well-placed on the north of the island to sample the local restaurants at night and enjoy the lovely beaches in the afternoon. The local diving was very good as well. Exploring the island by driving a beach buggy was fun.

The Belize liveaboard experience was excellent. The boat was comfortable, food fantastic and crew very accommodating. I dived the Blue Hole. The entire trip (two holidays in one package) was organised by Aqua Firma who were able to customise it to suit and I was able to experience something of Belize (on land as well) and have the holiday of my dreams. Many thanks to Ralph and Aqua Firma.

(Fay James, UK)
Whale Shark Research & Photography, Isla Mujeres & Belize Dive Liveaboard

Everything went incredibly well.

From the crew for whom "amazing" would be somewhat diminishing, to the captain truly an old school gentlemen, to the other guests.

The trip kind of took a life of its own split between incredible manta dives, and very good on-board conversations.

I would give it a 10 out of 10.

(Andrea, UK)
Socorro Dive Liveaboard

Thanks again for a really memorable couple of weeks.

(Chris Pulham, Wales)
Whale Shark Research & Photography, Isla Mujeres

Oh it was amazing ! The whale shark side of things couldn't have been better. The crew on the boat where superb and their knowledge along with Dr Simon Pierce was inspiring. The dolphins following the boat where a lovely surprise and the turtles, on land and off the beach, where mesmerising and I never thought I would ever swim that close to them. They were just there, grazing mere meters away and not bothered by us at all.

Meanwhile on land our guide was a lovely guy, very sociable and a great guide, a very good choice. I think the group loved that we were taken to proper local places and not just the tourist stuff. I could probably go on and on....seriously the whole team was brilliant.
(Jenny Lacey, UK)
Whale Shark Research & Photography, Isla Mujeres &
Mayan Temples & Yucatan Wildlife & Marine Life Adventure

I have travelled to Borneo and Socorro (Rivellagigedo Islands) with Aqua-Firma and can highly recommend them. Friendly, efficient, their trips run like clockwork and they have some fantastic destinations. Plus they are conservation-focused and thus helping to fight the battle against evil shark-finners, rescuing orang-utangs, etc..

(Roly Pitts, UK)
Socorro Giant Manta Ray Dive Liveaboard