Iguazú Falls in Argentina's far north east, is one of Argentina's and Brazil's most famous experiences. These spectacular falls and surrounding rainforest are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and listed amongst the new Seven Wonders of the World. They deserve their status with the falls spanning 4 kilometres wide and boasting around 275 separate cascades. At the height of the rainy season the Parana River pours 58,000 tonnes of water into a huge canyon every second - enough to make your chest reverberate with the force.

The falls are worthy of a visit at any time of the year, both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides. For our tailor made trips we provide private guides with in depth knowledge of the ecosystems wildlife, history and geology; and make extensive use of park's trail system to reach the most spectacular viewpoints. The Brazilian side provides the best overall panoramas; whilst the Argentinean side has long trails and bridges which bring you close to the raw, awe inspiring cascades. You can often see little rainbows arcing through the spray.

There is plentiful birdlife to see, including toco toucans, caciques, parrots and macaws. One of the easiest mammals to see is the opportunistic coatimundi with its racoon like tail and shrew like nose. Macro photographers will find the range of butterflies and insects most impressive, whilst luxuriant foliage can provide a wonderful image frames for the falls. Dusky swifts are a moving target as they fly to their nests behind the thundering walls of water. Their death defying flights are fascinating and unique to Iguazú.

To bring you closer to the nature of the area, we stay in a beautiful boutique lodge, immersed in the jungle, which prides itself as being the first Lodge in the Atlantic Forest of Puerto Iguazú.  Providing high quality and friendly service, this hotel encourages guests to forge a participatory bons with the local culture and nature whilst they are there. They are commited to their sustatinable practices, developing efforts aimed at the care and conservation of the environment, the promotion of local culture and sustainable development.  Rooms have been designed to offer the utmost in comfort, decorated with rustic furniture made in Misiones. Rooms offer balconies with hammocks, some offering a jacuzzi for added enjoyment. There is a restaurant which overlooks the Jungle, the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, serving both regional and international dishes.

For a more in-depth exploration of the Atlantic rainforest and its wildlife, we can extend your visit to areas about 80km to the west. A fun and very refreshing activity in the vicinity of the falls is white water rafting trips down the forest fringed rivers. If returning from the chilly southern extremities of Patagonia, or an expedition to Antarctica, the Iguazú area provides a good value, warm, relaxing and highly diverse contrast.

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