Esteros del Ibera

Covering 13000km² of Corrientes Province, the vast subtropical wetlands of the Provincial Reserve of Esteros del Iberiá are little known outside of Argentina, but offer some of the countries best wildlife watching. It also has some wonderful estancias (working farms) where the horse is mightier than other forms of transport, and so the gaucho lifestyle can be experienced first hand.

The region, in many ways comparable to the Pantanal in Brazil, offers the chance to view a wide range of wildlife from broad-nosed caimans, capybaras (the world's largest rodent), armadillos, yellow anacondas and recently re-introduced giant anteaters. The highly endangered maned wolf also makes its home in this semi-aquatic landscape of shallow lakes, plains and forest. This region is superb for birdwatchers with nearly 400 species seen in this nature rich region. This is also an excellent region for landscape photographers and wildlife shooters enjoying the advantage of a more open countryside than South America's rainforests provide.

Aqua-Firma focuses on a 680km2 area of Iberá in which Doug Tomkin's Conservation Land Trust is pioneering the restoration of cattle ranches to their wild state. Based out of a couple of luxury boutique haciendas, you can relax in the vast open countryside, or we can take you to explore the area with expert local and conservation guides, tailored to the interest of the individual. Take an early morning boat ride to through the rivers and lakes, looking for two species of caiman, capybara, marsh deer and more on route. Guided horse rides are excellent way of exploring the plains, providing the benefit of an elevated position and the ability to move with ease through otherwise thigh deep marshes. Nature walks and specific bird watching expeditions are offered and the waterways offer excellent fly fishing opportunities - this is good spot to hook one of Latin America's famous 'Dorado's'.

The lodges themselves offer superb organically grown and sourced cuisine, including famous Argentinean grills accompanied by the country's famous wines. Overall an expedition to the Esteros del Iberá with Aqua-Firma offers the chance the relax in a remarkable natural environment and experience a wide range of exciting activities while contributing to a truly pioneering conservation and eco-tourism vision.

Please call one of our Argentina Experts for further information regarding expeditions in the Esteros del Iberá.

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