10 Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has experienced more than its fair share of challenges in recent years, but we are delighted that Aqua-Firma is now operating safaris again across a wider range of locations than ever before.

This friendly, welcoming country has been hit hard in recent years: In March 2020, we completed our Whale & Dolphin Snorkel & Photography just before COVID hit and kept us away in 2021. We completed the trip again in March 2022; just before fuel shortages became too difficult to run boats and safari vehicles. The economic squeeze has been even more serious for the people of Sri Lanka, with many being forced to miss meals and others unable to secure vital pharmaceuticals due to lack of foreign exchange.

Tourism is one of Sri Lanka's most assured way of trading away debts and its balance of payment deficit. It is now finding its feet again; and with some stunning scenery, bountiful wildlife and marine life, we are very pleased to be playing our part in helping reset the balance. Our privately-guided and small group wildlife, marine life, cultural, birdwatching & adventure safaris are reaching further than ever before. 

Here's 10 top reasons to visit the country:

  1. Sri Lanka is incredibly friendly and welcoming. You will often be met with smiles and genuinely kind assistance.
  2. Wildlife opportunities in Sri Lanka are excellent. It is possibly the best place in the world to try to see leopards, as well as Asian elephants and a whole array of other mammals, plus 452 species of bird.
  3. Culturally, Sri Lanka is peppered with ancient monuments and more recent historic structures built into its very landscape.
  4. Landscapes and habitats are highly diverse, ranging from golden sand beaches and coral islets; to rainforest, savannas, tea plantations and high mountains.
  5. Marine life, with opportunities to see a whole host of cetaceans including blue whales, sperm whales and superpods of dolphins.
  6. Cuisine: fantastic and varied food.
  7. A year-round destination, with a warm tropical climate, yet opportunities to cool off in Indian Ocean waters and highlands occupied by tea plantations and native forest.
  8. Lower visitor numbers (for now) - it's a wonderful time to explore this beautiful country with us.
  9. Sri Lanka is one of the most affordable countries you can visit, with a vast range of ways to stay and explore.
  10. By visiting, you can really help the country to re-emerge from its debt crisis.

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