The Collapse of Darwin

18th May, 2021

Here's a view of the arch that is no longer: Darwin's Arch in the far north west of the Galapagos Islands, finally gave way to erosion and collapsed yesterday.

Collapse of Darwin's Arch Galapagos Islands

Named after Charles Darwin, this arch has long been a symbol of one of the most pristine marine life sites on our planet. Whilst Darwin's collapse sent shock waves through its surrounding waters, it remains as one of the best places to see schooling hammerhead sharks and huge female whale sharks. It is consequently a prime site for our Galapagos Shark Research Insights & Photography Dive Liveaboard trips.

In August 2022, our host will be one of the world's foremost whale shark researchers, Dr Simon Pierce, who took some of these images. In June / July 2023 & 2024, our host will be whale shark researcher & Principal Scientist of the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Dr Chris Rohner.

Two pillars remain, so a new name will be needed. 

Charles Darwin Arch Galapagos Islands Dr Simon Pierce


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