Seabirds of Spitsbergen

Although only one species of bird (the ptarmigan) is able to withstand the harsh Svalbard winters, this  Arctic  archipelago  is a hub for many species of  visiting breeding birds, especially  sea birds.

As  you  explore  the  ancient  fjords  and  sail  along  the  untamed  coastal  waters,  you  are  likely  to encounter a range of beautiful and fascinating species which visit Spitsbergen during the summer months. Whether watching the comic mishaps of little auks bouncing off the waves, admiring the carefree glide of the fulmar or watching the startling ivory gull to see whether it will lead you to a polar bear, the seabirds are an enigmatic aspect of any Arctic experience.

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  • arctic-tern-around-spitsbergen-svalbard-voyage-expedition-cruise-wildlife-birdwatching-polar-travel-photography-pla05.jpg


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