Pure Cenotes of the Yucatan

Cenotes offer a whole new dimension to diving, enabling a diver to float inside spectacular flooded cave systems. Every turn of every dive is a new underwater world of stalagmites and stalactites which often connect to create huge pillars. Waters can often be very clear. So as long as divers avoid kicking up silt, visibility can be in excess of 30 metres. Visibility can also be become strangely hazy, when thermoclines and haloclines create the water equivalent of desert heatwaves through your mask.

Lighting is everything on a cenotes dive. Major entrances appear like beautiful rippling sunlit forest scenes, whilst small holes in the roof of a cavern can shoot laser beams of light into the water. You will discover hidden chambers; places where thousands of bats roost on the ceiling of a cave; and the roots of trees break through that ceiling to locate water in a land where surface water is almost entirely non-existent.

Light can be eliminated altogether, reminding you how imperative it is to follow safe cavern and cave diving procedures so that you never need fear getting lost. Safety is our primary concern, which starts with a relaxed briefing above water, showing you a map and walking the route on land above the cenote itself. You will never feel rushed - it's essential that you feel prepared and although every dive is a completely different adventure to the last, you will have a sense of what the dive will be like before you step into the water.

These trips can be any duration you like; whether that's a single day starting and ending in Cancun, or a few days of Pure Cenotes; or combined with a longer trip incorporating Belize, coral reef diving on the island of Cozumel or one of our expert led Whale Shark Research & Photography experiences each July / August.

The caverns of Mexico are incredibly varied. The longer you have, the more of the world's most extensive flooded underworld you will be able to explore.

Prior experience needed

For cavern diving, you do not require any prior specialist experience - just a basic open water certification. We will need to discuss your diving history in some detail before you book, so that your dives will be planned according to your experience and how you get along with each dive.


4 Day Sample Itinerary

Our Pure Cenotes itineraries can start and end anywhere; and can run from as short as 1 day to a week or so to really experience the full scenic diversity of probably the best system of underwater caverns and caves in the World. The example below is a 4 days trip starting and ending Cancun or Playa del Carmen, with our transfers provided in a recent model Mercedes vehicle and 6 cenotes dives across all 4 days.

You do not require previous experience of cavern diving, but we will need to discuss your diving experience in some detail before you book.

Day 1: Transfer from Cancun / Playa del Carmen

You will be collected from your hotel in Cancun or Playa del Carmen and then be driven privately by Mercedes directly to the dive centre.

You will be fitted out with whatever kit you need, complete registration and initial briefings.

You will then head to your first cenotes location for an extended above water briefing, before conducting your first dive or two dives. Cenotes are not only lovely dive sites, but they are often in some very attractive natural locations, set amid luxuriant forest. They can be like mini Gardens of Eden.

After your diving you will head back to the dive centre and then be taken to your guest house or hotel. You will be staying in Puerto Aventuras where a coastal marina development provides lots of restaurants, cafés and bar options.

Days 2 & 3: Cenotes Diving

The dive centre is a walk away from your accommodation.

Head out for 2 cenotes dives each day.

Day 4: Return transfer to Cancun / Playa del Carmen

You can check out of your room after breakfast. Someone will collect you and your luggage and take you back to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, the ferry point ready to set sail to Cozumel …. or by arrangement, anywhere else you need to go.


Price per person sharing on our 4 day / 3 night sample itinerary

Price includes:
6 expert led cenotes dives
- All transportation
- Accommodation in a very clean and friendly guest house
- Breakfasts
- Dive kit rental including BC, regulator, dive lights, wetsuit and helmet

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