When to Visit Uganda
Best Time to Go

Whilst Uganda is an equatorial tropical African country, much of its land area lies at around 1,000 metres above sea level, which means that temperatures are milder than in neighbouring countries. A range of 14oC at night to 27oC in the height of the day is quite normal across much of the country.

With its tropical rainforests, rainfall can happen at almost any time but the drier seasons are December to February and June to August. This leaves March to May and September to November as months with above average rainfall.

When to visit can depend upon what you want to see. In savannah areas such as the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the latter part of the dry season results in lower grasses and an accumulation of game around sources of water. This makes game viewing easier.

Birdlife is most abundant November to April when migrant species come to Uganda in large numbers.

For gorilla trekking, drier is easier, so whilst gorillas are resident year round, the dry season makes for easier work in locating them.

For further information about visiting Uganda or Rwanda, please Contact one of our Africa experts.

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