Trips Reviews from East Africa

I can't believe we've only been away a week...we've done so much that it feels like 2 weeks already!

Our absolutely superb guide Yussef was sensitive to our needs and likes (bird watching), he's been fantastic and we realise how lucky we are to have him. Excitement started in Ngorongoro National Park with seeing elephants really close then it just continued as we saw giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and gazelles to name just a few.

On the game drives though the Serengeti we were so lucky to see so many lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, ostrich, herds of elephants including a name just a fraction…Friday was almost overwhelming with the quantity & variety of animals and birds we saw. Our highlight was seeing a cheetah and also spotting the lions sitting up in a tree, a big pride of lions with 2 huge males.

In Ngorongoro Crater we watched a big pride of lions who were enjoying a water buffalo they had killed…one of the lion cubs was trying to eat what looked like a shoulder blade and was trying to carry it away in her mouth...but it was rather tricky for her and very funny to watch.  

We really hoped to see a baby zebra & baby wildebeest to photograph…little did we know what was in store for us when we said that to Yussuf. We drove past masses of zebras with small foals / babies…before driving through what we could only call a maternity area as there were hundreds of wildebeest with very tiny young - some had obviously only been born within the last few hours.

The parks are very organised with a few picnic sites…and the guides are very protective of you in case of danger from animals.

Meanwhile our hotel on Mafia Island was superb - Paola the manager was an incredible host and all the staff wonderful.  We loved every moment.  The dive centre nearby were great and my first ever open water dive was great - Tom was my instructor and gave me great confidence.  Their other trips were excellent too - the staff were very professional and friendly.

The accommodation was superb - both on safari and on Mafia…many thanks for putting it all together so well.

(Kate Herbison, UK)
Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Indian Ocean Wildlife & Marine Life Safari

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