Trip Reviews - Belize

A wonderful holiday - all that I could have wished for. The whale shark experience was magical - to snorkel with so many amazing gentle giants together with manta rays in the clear waters of Mexico - spectacular.  And to learn about them with a whale shark scientist and a local researcher made it extra special.  I loved staying on the colourful island of Isla Mujeres, where we were well-placed on the north of the island to sample the local restaurants at night and enjoy the lovely beaches in the afternoon.  The local diving was very good as well.  Exploring the island by driving a beach buggy was fun.

The Belize liveaboard experience was excellent.  The boat was comfortable, food fantastic and crew very accommodating.  I dived the Blue Hole.  The entire trip (two holidays in one package) was organised by Aqua Firma who were able to customise it to suit and I was able to experience something of Belize (on land as well) and have the holiday of my dreams.  Many thanks to Ralph and Aqua Firma.

(Fay James, UK)
Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Research Experience & Belize Dive Liveaboard

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