Trip Reviews: Antarctic Semi-Circumnavigation & Ross Sea

"I had a wonderful time-it was a fantastic trip, it really was. We navigated around big ice tongues and through the sea ice using helicopters to  scout the route forwards . We visited Scott's hut in a true polar atmosphere of minus 16 deg C with the wind blowing 25kts. Shackelton's hut was also fantastic with our visit on a beautiful sunny day.

Somehow I took 4500 photographs during my month onboard. We saw minke and Killer whales and were lucky enough to encounter Emperor penguins on the ice edge. The helicopters were  fundamental to us exploring otherwise inaccessible places such as Peterman Island, visited by very few before us. As we stepped onto the island our feet sank in the snow up to our knees. We enjoyed around 5 trips in the helicopters including ventures inside the dry valleys of the interior- a fascinating and very remote region.

I never got bored in my 31 days at sea- I even had good email contact with the World throughout my time! We had excellent lectures daily often followed by an evening film and there was a great crowd onboard and a great leader..all truly marvellous. I would not hesitate to recommend this trip to others keen to have a similar Antarctic  adventure."

.... ( I am  failing to put over how magical this whole experience is.  The whole scenario of pushing our way through a field of icebergs is quite incredible.  The power and grandeur- I am just not getting it all into words !!.)"

R Allan

"We truly had the most amazing experience. That part of the world has always interested us, especially the area where the great names of the Heroic Age had their incredible adventures. We were lucky to have had weather that allowed us to visit the huts at Cape Evans and at Hut Point, which was our primary focus for the trip, but the entire trip was of course all fantastic. We met very interesting people on the trip, and were very impressed with Captain, his crew, the Expedition Leader and of course the tour lecturers/guides. It seemed that they would always be happy to go an extra mile to make things work, and my wife and I really enjoyed and appreciated the efforts made by them. I personally enjoyed the history lectures given, however the lectures given by all the lecturers were great. The ship was very comfortable under the guidance of Hotel Manager and their team, and the food presented by Head Chef was exceptionally good.

The entire trip went like clockwork for us – great place to visit, great people, well organised, well run. A brilliant experience all round!

I am presently giving the odd photo presentation to friends, and hopefully they will also want to do a similar trip.

Many thanks to you and your team at Aqua-Firma for assisting us in being able to have this wonderful experience!"

Mike and Julie Geddes

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