Heritage Adventurer

Heritage Adventurer is a purpose-built polar expedition vessel.  Designed for comfort, she is modern, well appointed, safe and ice-strengthened, made specifically to navigate polar waters, holding the highest passenger ship ice class rating (1A Super).  Equipped with propellers of stainless steel, high density steel plating and small frame spacing on her hull, she continues into the ice, when other vessels simply cannot.  Her stability and speed mean that itineraries can be more flexible – a critical factor in polar waters where ice and weather conditions can sometimes dictate plans.

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122 metres

Ice Class:

Lloyds 1AS


15 knots maximum speed


140, but designed to accommodate 184

Zodiacs Boats:

14 zodiacs onboard


She was originally designed to accommodate 184 guests, but now welcomes just 140, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a more exclusive experience and more spacious environment. She also holds a fleet of 14 zodiacs, ensuring guests can maximise their expedition adventure.

From small group sessions to briefings for all passengers, there are public spaces onboard the ship ideally suited for each and every need.  Two separate bar and lounge areas featuring 180 degree views and a wonderfully stocked library provide ideal places to relax or catch up on some reading.  Other facilities include a theatre style presentation room, gift-shop, gymnasium, wellness centre, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room and salt water plunge pool.

Onboard meals are prepared by the culinary team and are enjoyed in either of the vessel’s two dining rooms, one of which features a popular bistro menu offering quick and easy meals for those prioritizing time out on deck. Both dining rooms have ample and open seating paired with modern furnishings and large picture windows with 180 degree views. Most dietary requirements can be met, provided you notify us in plenty of time before you depart.

There is an open-bridge policy, so passengers are welcome to meet the navigating crew at virtually any time of day; there’s always something to learn from the officers on watch and the bridge is one of the best places on the ship for spotting whales and sea birds.  The bridge is closed during times of tricky navigation, pilotage, or weather.

  • Heritage Adventurer
  • Pool, Heritage Adventurer
  • Superior Triple Cabin, Heritage Adventurer
  • The Bridge, Heritage Adventurer
  • Observation Lounge -Heritage Adventurer.jpg
  • Sauna, Heritage Adventurer
  • Al Fresco Dining Area
  • Deck Plan, Heritage Adventurer


  • Bistro, Heritage Adventurer
  • Superior Single, Heritage Adventurer
  • Jacuzzi, Heritage Adventurer
  • Main Deck Triple, Heritage Adventurer
  • Observation Lounge, Heritage Adventurer
  • Superior, Heritage Adventurer
  • Heritage Suite, Heritage Adventurer
  • Worsley Suite, Heritage Adventurer


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