Mountain Biking in Iceland

With such varying and spectacular landscapes to explore within Iceland, mountain biking is an excellent way in which to do so.  Iceland's vast and relatively untouched volcanic wilderness is full of enormous glaciers, gushing rivers, boiling mud pots, spurting geysers and hot springs.  Mother Nature's intricate geological design has produced a diverse range of terrains and environments that make for very interesting and diverse cycling trails.

Our mountain biking trips explore a combination of different natural environments, including wide open landscapes, lava fields, forests, mountains and grasslands.  From relatively easy trails through the city and its surrounding area and slightly more demanding cycles along gravel tracks, to strenuous assents and off road biking, we offer a variety of different day trips of varying difficulty.

One of our slightly more challenging half day biking trips will take you to Heiðmörk Nature Reserve. Situated just a stone's throw from Reykjavik, Heiðmörk Nature Reserve is a valuable natural asset to the local population consisting of trails through forest and grasslands, past lakes, rivers and springs.

Alternatively, for a more demanding ride, our day trip to Skaftafell National Park takes you off the beaten track into extreme and beautiful landscapes.  The ride takes you over sands and glacier rivers, past a glacier tongue and into Iceland's tallest birch forest.

Experience the famous Steam Valley (Reykjadalur) on our 1000 Rivers Road day trip, where melting pots gurgle, hot water rushes down mountain slopes and geothermal hot springs can be found in abundance. Reykjadalur is an active geothermal field, situated on a tectonic plate boundary and is consequently a hotspot of volcanic activity.  Here you will have the unique opportunity to relax in an untouched natural hot stream and discover how the locals use intricate technology to heat their houses.

A great way to explore the thriving city and nation's capital of Reykjavik is by bicycle.  Our half day trip around this colourful city can be enjoyed all year round and will take you to some of the city's most interesting sites, an excellent choice for families or anybody seeking an easy and leisurely cycle.

Please contact us to discuss available trip options.

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