Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

Papua New Guinea is one of the least disturbed parts of our Planet, with vast areas of rainforest, coral reefs, colourful tribal cultures and equally colourful Birds of Paradise.

Here is a summary of the main regions of the country. For further information about each region, click on the image or link that says more. You can also Contact Us with any questions and help in planning your perfect trip.

  The Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea form a significant mountain range, which on the free PNG half of the island reach 4,509 metres at the peak of Mount Wilhelm; and 4,884m at the peak of Puncak Jaya on the Indonesian occupied half of the island...more
  The Sepik Provinces. The Sepik is one of the world's great rivers, whose origins are in Indonesian West Papua and whose water catchment is the northern slopes of New Guinea's Central Range. Tropical rainforest dominates this catchment and upper reaches...more
  New Britain is the largest of Papua New Guinea's many islands, about equal in size to Taiwan. The island forms the southern boundary of the Bismarck Sea, with waters whose coral reefs are some of the most diverse on our planet...more
  New Ireland forms the eastern limit of the Bismarck Sea. Our focus here is an archipelago of islands to the south of Kavieng, which are encircled by a barrier reef. Tribal seafaring communities live in idyllic havens between mangroves and coastal rainforest...more
  Milne Bay & South Eastern PNG is edged by a relatively narrow strip of lowland forest, mangroves and coral reefs which stand beneath Papua New Guinea's eastern Stanley Range. This location is ideal for people in search of pristine coral reefs and islands for diving and snorkelling...more

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