Frequently Asked Questions - Polar Kayaking

Where do we go?
For most expeditions the kayaking program runs parallel to our regular programs, therefore when non-kayakers go for a zodiac cruise or make onshore landings, the kayakers will go kayaking. Consequently, kayakers can always choose to join the regular programme if they so wish.  The kayaking is generally undertaken nearby the landing locations of the regular program, as mentioned in the itinerary.  As all itineraries can vary, you will need to consult your individual itinerary to identify the exact kayaking areas.

Are there any extra kayak clothes onboard?
Please contact us to find out what is available on any specific expedition.

Where do I buy neoprene gloves and booties?
On some expeditions gloves are provided. If you have been requested to bring neoprene gloves then these items can be purchased in specialised diving, kayaking and surfing outlets.  Surf gloves and booties would be ideal.

Do I need special skills for paddling?
To participate in the kayaking excursions, passengers are required to be in good health, of a fit physical condition and to preferably have basic kayak experience.  Such basic skills should include normal handling of a kayak in moderate weather conditions.  It is not necessary to be able to do kayak "Eskimo" rolls, but you do need to feel comfortable in a kayak.

How long are excursions?
Kayak excursions generally last between three and four hours, whereby we set out after breakfast or lunch and are back on board the ship in time for the next meal.

How often do we go out?
This varies depending upon your selected expedition, please ask for details. Where kayaking is an additional activity option, we hope to schedule in a minimum of 4 kayak excursions.  However, due to the unpredictability of weather conditions in the Polar Regions, this may lead to less or even no kayak excursions, as kayaking can only be undertaken in safe weather conditions.

What do I do if I am wearing too much whilst kayaking and become too warm?
Keep a day pack with you, where you can put excess clothing.  There will also be a support boat nearby at all times where you can offload any excess clothes.

  • Kayaking in Baffin Island, Canadian High Arctic
  • Kayaking in Baffin Island, Canadian High Arctic
  • Kayaking in Spitsbergen - Ralph Pannell
  • Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell kayaking in Spitsbergen
  • Kayaking in Antarctica

Polar Kayaking

  • Kayaking in Antarctica
  • Kayaking with penguins in Antarctica - Daisy Gilardini
  • Kayaking in Spitsbergen - Ralph Pannell
  • Leopard Seal watching a kayaker in Antarctica
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