The Northern Water Circle - Nesgjá – Litla Á – Goðafoss

Located on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between the North American plate and the Eurasian plate close to the north Atlantic sea lies Nesgjá, a fresh water fissure. Nesgjá is an absolute hidden gem which less than 100 people dive annually.  Tectonic activity causes tension to build up in the earth's crust and every few years this tension is released through earthquakes, which create cracks, visible from the south west of Iceland all the way to the east.

In 2009 Erlendur Bogason (your dive guide) took his fist dive at Nesgjá and it is still almost a secret dive spot only visit by less than 100 divers every year. This 150 meter long and 3-5 meters deep crack with water at 4°c is beautiful to dive and photograph.  Nesgjá is an absolute hidden gem.  Just three metres deep, the water is crystal clear and vibrant blue with bright green algae clinging to the volcanic rocks on either side. Though shallow, this dive is amazingly beautiful; there are also opportunities to spot arctic charr and salmonide.  The water in Nesgjá is exceptionally clear and the visibility is usually around 100 meters. Occasionally after a northern storm, sea water will enter the crystal clear waters, which can affect the visibility for few days.

After a dive or snorkel through Nesgjá, you will go into the blue lagoon Lón, a crushed lava ridge, where hundreds of tons per second of fresh cold water is coming from the ground.

Before the big earthquake in 1976, Litla Á (which translates to "Little River") was just a normal cold water river, but after the earthquake the cold water moved and established the big lake Skjáltavatn, increasing the temperature, so now, instead of cold water, hundreds of tons of warm water (24°c) emits from the ground each second.  Litla Á is known for big Trout and usually you can see a few in the river.

Due to the poor road conditions it is not always possible to drive straight to Dettifoss so it is likely you will have to backtrack to Húsavík and then to Mývatn. At Mývatn you can take a hike to the warm lava since 1984 at Leirhnjúkar and visit the mud geysis in Námuskarð. You will also visit the crack Grjótagjá, where you will get the chance to bath in the warm water in the cave in Stórugjá. On the way back to Akureyri you will also make a stop off at the beautiful water fall Godafoss.


Price Includes Pick-up from Akureyri, all diving gear, diving & PADI guide/instructor, 2 guided dives

Available Everyday with pick up from Akureyri (depending on weather)

Requirement Open Water or snorkel

Minimum Age 18 years

Minimum Group Size 2 persons

Duration of Trip 6 - 8 hours

We recommend you bring Warm undergarment clothing (fleece/wool sweater and pants), warm socks, a good pair of shoes and a change of clothing

Please Note All dives are performed in a dry suit, consequently, divers are required to provide details of their sizes prior to the trip.  Please confirm your height, weight and shoe size so that we can ensure you are provided with the best fitting dry suit.

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