Arctic Circle Private Classic Sailing Yacht Charters

Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, is home to some of the least explored, yet most beautiful parts of Scandinavia. These private classic yacht charters take you further north than the majority of Alaska, sailing amongst an ever changing landscape of islands, Norwegian wilderness, dramatic mountains, coastal glaciers and narrow fjords.

Areas you can choose to explore include the Lofoten Islands, with is mountains falling sheer into the sea and colourful coastal villages including Henningvaer and Keflavik. You can also reach the North Cape, which is an equally dramatic coastline known locally as Nordkapp and Honningsvåg. A stunning area in between are the coastal Alpine Mountains of Lyngen and the rolling hills of Finnmark, which are safe havens for 1000s of birds, such as sea eagles, puffins, little auks and black guillemots.

Throughout a charter to this area, it is worth keeping lookout on the horizon for minke whales, harbour porpoises and other marine life. In midsummer, the 'Midnight Sun' provides 24 hours of daylight and rigid inflatable boat (zodiac) enables exploration of remote islands, picturesque settlements and landings for some excellent short treks.

Like any sailing voyage, charters in this area are best approached as a flexible shared adventure rather than a precisely planned natural history itinerary. Your friendly onboard crew have an intimate knowledge of the area which will help make this a wilderness sailing experience you are never likely to forget.

The vessel itself makes for a fantastic vantage point from which to survey the surrounding mountainous landscapes and waters below.  The highest point is the crow's nest at 21 metres. The crew will make use of sail power whenever possible and also welcome any passengers to get hands on with the sailing if they choose.  To enrich this hands-on experience, there are also opportunities for fishing and cooking up whatever you catch for supper.

After a day of adventure and discovery in the remote Norwegian wilderness, passengers can relax and unwind in the comfort of this cosy wooden sailing vessel.  The crew are on hand to share their experiences and knowledge.  In recent years the vessel has been completely reconstructed, offering passengers comfortable accommodation in a welcoming atmosphere. By night you can anchor in a variety of locations, from hidden coves, peaceful fjords or quaint quays of nearby settlements. 


Charter rates & Itineraries

Please contact us to discuss a potential itinerary and charter rates.

Charters include
All meals
Accommodation onboard
Towels and bed linen
Snacks, coffee and tea

Charters exclude
Harbour fees
Accommodation on land if needed
Passports and visas
Pre and post land arrangements
Transfers to and from the vessel
Items of a personal nature (e.g. laundry)
Alcoholic beverages
Travel insurance
Meals ashore

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