Coal Miner's Cabins

This comfortable guesthouse is situated in Nybyen, the upper part of the Longyear valley amidst a backdrop of mountain and glacier scenery. The guesthouse complex was originally built as part of the post-war reconstruction programme for Longyearbyen and was once used as accommodation units for the mine workers. 

Now, the accommodation consists of three traditionally designed guest houses, each with its own well-equipped kitchen comprising a fridge freezer and dishwasher, a TV room, laundry room and a number of bathroom facilities, which are shared between guests (approx. 4 bathrooms to 12 guest rooms). Guest rooms are basic but comfortable.

Reception and the dining area are located in a separate building – Stormessa, which was the former mess hall for the mine workers. Now it is home to a fantastic bar and grill serving draft beer, salads, ribs and burgers made over open fire from their charcoal grill. Even if you don’t stay here, it is worth a walk up the hill for dinner one evening! Please note that it takes approximately 30 minutes to walk downhill to the town centre from the guesthouse.

Number of Rooms:




Restaurant onsite:



Complimentary for guests




Lounge, Shared Kitchen & Laundry Room

Room Options:

Standard Single, Economy Twin, Standard Twin, Large Twin with sink, Family Room (1 double + bunk beds)


  • Economy Twin Room, Coal Miners Cabins
  • Coal-Miners-reception-longyearbyen-spitsbergen.jpg
  • Family Room, Coal Miners Cabins
  • Large Twin Room, Coal Miners Cabins
  • Breakfast Buffet, Coal Miners Cabins
  • Social Area, Coal Miners Cabins

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