Basecamp Trappers Lodge

This hotel is somewhat unique and is situated in the centre of Longyearbyen in close proximity to restaurants, pubs, shops and the bank. No two rooms are alike - each one has its own character and is completely unique, all of which are equipped with their own en-suite facilities. 

The hotel is furnished with reclaimed driftwood and boards from the Russian settlement of Barentsburg. Upon entering the lodge, you will get the feeling of stepping into a traditional hunter's cottage. Breakfast is served either on the long table in the Traveller's Club or in the Cognac Attic with its glass ceiling, which provides a wonderful view of the Arctic sky. This cosy hotel is the ideal way to round off your Arctic Expedition.

Number of Rooms:




Restaurant onsite:



Complimentary for guests


Day Time


Lounge, Attic Lounge with glass roof

Room Options:

Single Room, Twin Room, Triple Room, Suite


  • Basecamp Trapper's Hotel
  • Twin Room, Basecamp Trapper's Hotel
  • Double Room, Basecamp Trapper's Hotel
  • Triple Room, Basecamp Trapper's Lodge
  • Cognac Attic, Basecamp Trappers Lodge
  • Reception, Basecamp Trapper's Lodge

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