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As Far North As You Can Go - By Keith Hiscock (From an article featured in Dive Magazine September 2011)

Planet Earth - Series 1 - 11. Ice Worlds - Although the frozen worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic experience the greatest seasonal extremes, it is the advance and retreat of the ice that is the real challenge to life. As the sea freezes, Antarctica doubles in size and all animals except for the Emperor Penguin flee.

In the Arctic, the polar bear's ice world literally melts beneath its feet, forcing it to swim vast distances and take on one of the deadliest adversaries on the planet.

BBC Two  - Polar Bears and Grizzlies - Bears on Top of the World. This moving film reveals the differing fortunes of a mother polar bear, a mother grizzly bear and their newborn cubs, in a rapidly changing world. The shrinking Arctic ice may be making life much tougher for polar bears, but it is offering new opportunities for grizzly bears to the south. 

North-West Passage: An Arctic Obsession : Location: National Maritime Museum Dates: 23 May 2009– 3 January 2010
Ice oceans 'are not poles apart' By Mark Kinver (Science and environment reporter, BBC News). At least 235 marine species are living in both polar regions, despite being 12,000km apart, read more online...
The Great Melt - The first in the BBC's Natures Great Events series. The summer melt of Arctic ice, opening up nearly three million square miles of ocean and land, provides opportunities for millions of animals, including beluga whales, families of Arctic foxes, vast colonies of seabirds, and the fabled Arctic unicorn, the narwhal.
For polar bears, however, it is the toughest time of year. Why? How will they survive?
Light Fantastic - Joanna describes the majestic snowfields, mountains and fjords of Norway and Spitsbergen as a "fairytale vision, savage, sublime and quite overpowering" in the BBC's, Land Of The Northern Lights. If you missed the television programme, read more about it at the link above.
Aqua-Firma's, Arctic Diving, Photography & Wildlife Expedition wins The Guardian newspaper's - Five Best Photography Holidays, on 23rd February 2008.

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